Tim Tebow Calls the Idea of Running for Public Office “Intriguing”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 30, 2016   |   5:59PM   |   Washington, DC

Having a celebrity in an elected office is nothing new. Ronald Reagan was a film actor before he became president, and current Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been in the public spotlight for years.

So, suggestions that former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow run for office shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. A vocal pro-life celebrity, Tebow recently was asked if he would consider running for elected office some day.

“I don’t know at this time in my life … if there’s there’s a chance to make a difference someday at something, that’s intriguing,” Tebow told Fox and Friends on Tuesday.

The Daily Caller reports co-host Ainsley Earhard was the reporter who posed the question to Tebow. She asked him, “Have you thought about politics? Because you’d be such a good role model for these kids.”

Though his comment was vague and noncommittal, Tebow is only 28 years old, and many elected positions have age requirements. Presidents of the United States must be at least 35 years old, while U.S. Senators must be at least 30.

Whether he runs for office or not, Tebow has become a strong role model because of his conservative Christian values. He made a name for himself by kneeling to pray before football games and promising to remain abstinent until marriage.

As LifeNews previously reported, Tebow also is well-known in the pro-life movement. His mother, Pam, refused to abort him after doctors told her that killing her unborn baby was the only way to save her life. At the time, Pam and her husband were on a mission trip in the Philippines when Pam suddenly became ill with dysentery. Tim says his mother’s doctors described him as a “fetal tumor” and “mass of cells” that had to be removed.



However, Tim’s mom courageously refused abortion, and both Pam and Tim miraculously survived. In 2010, Tim and Pam partnered with Focus on the Family by sharing their story in a Superbowl commercial. Millions of Americans saw the commercial, and it received high praise from pro-life groups.

Additionally, in 2014, the Tim Tebow Foundation opened Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. Amazingly, in November 2013, the construction of Tebow’s hospital survived Haiyan, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the Philippines. The hospital treats children with the most critical orthopedic needs and who normally could not afford treatment.

Tebow’s foundation also holds a special yearly prom-type event called the “Night to Shine” to honor people with special needs.

No matter what direction Tebow decides to take next, his strong pro-life values will continue to make a difference for thousands of people all across the globe.