Proud Mother of Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Shocked After Her Picture Goes Viral

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 29, 2016   |   11:15AM   |   Washington, DC

A photo of a smiling 10-month-old girl with Down syndrome has gone viral to the surprise of her mother and family.

The girl is named Florence and was born in May 2015 in England. Her mother, Kathryn Witt, told the Daily Mail that she hasn’t “stopped smiling since the day Florence came into my life.”

Witt said her little girl is constantly smiling. One day, the proud young mother decided to share a photo of Florence on Facebook. Just a few hours later, thousands of people had liked the photo, according to the report.

“My phone beeped and pinged like crazy, with people I’d never met sending me messages to say my daughter was beautiful,” she told the news outlet.

“’She’s made my family complete,” Kathryn continued. “Since the photo went viral, I still get messages from people all over the world telling me she’s made them smile too.”

While she was pregnant, Kathryn learned that her unborn baby girl was measuring small for her size, the report states. She was given scans every two weeks, and at each one, she was asked why she declined a test that could test for Down syndrome, according to the report. These prenatal screening tests have led to as many as 90 percent of unborn babies with Down syndrome being aborted.

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“It made no difference to me if my baby had Down’s Syndrome or not,” Kathryn said. “As an auxiliary nurse, I knew how much love and joy a child with Down’s syndrome could give a family. That’s why I’d declined the test. If my child had special needs, I’d give her extra love.”

In May 2015, Kathryn gave birth to Florence with her partner, Dan, by her side. Their baby girl weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces, the report states.

“I said hello to my little girl, then looked up at Dan and burst into tears. I kept thanking him for giving me my perfect baby.”

She said when she could tell Florence had Down syndrome, “nothing had changed about my feelings for my baby.”

Witt continued: “Never do I worry about Down’s syndrome. I wouldn’t take away her extra chromosome if you gave me a million pounds. She was born to make the world smile. If Florence doesn’t worry about Down’s syndrome, then why should we? She’s perfect, just the way she is.”

The photo currently has nearly 200,000 likes and Kathryn is receiving comments from all around the world about how the photo made people’s day.