Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer at 28 Weeks Delays Treatment to Save Her Baby’s Life

International   |   Conor Beck   |   Mar 28, 2016   |   12:35PM   |   Washington, DC

Stories about how little respect current laws give unborn babies are all too common. Reminders that some women fight for their unborn babies, and put them even before themselves, give some hope.

British mother Indira Jayasuriya found out that her breast cancer had returned when she was 28-weeks pregnant, and it had spread to her liver. Her cancer was stage four and incurable, according to the Daily Mail.

Jayasuriya’s doctor told her to consider having a C-section, but she felt it was too early. She said, at that moment “I cared less about my own health than my baby’s.”

“He had helped detect the cancer, saving me,” she said. “I just hoped I could save him, too.”



Because the type of cancer she had was estrogen positive, being pregnant meant her cancer would consistently get more aggressive. Nonetheless, she wanted her baby to have the best chance of survival outside of the womb as possible, according to the report.

When she was 33 weeks pregnant, Jayasuriya agreed to have a C-section. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Dilan, the report states. He spent some time in the intensive care unit, but today, eight months after his birth, he is healthy, according to the report.

The mother of two is currently undergoing a hormonal cancer treatment in the hopes of fighting the disease, according to the report.

“I can’t bear to think about leaving my children behind,” she said. “I’ve told Martyn that when I go, I want him to find love again – with someone who adores [her daughter] Thilini and Dilan. I have no regrets about having children. They are what keep me fighting. I feel positive and am making the most of every moment I spend with my family. Not a day goes by when I don’t tell them I love them.”

Last year, LifeNews reported another mother who made a similar sacrificial decision after receiving a cancer diagnosis. A 24-year old mother, Ashley Bridges, made the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn baby when she denied life-saving chemotherapy treatment for bone cancer.

Bridges was only 10-weeks pregnant with her daughter Paisley when she found out about her diagnosis. Her doctors recommended that she begin chemotherapy immediately. However, in her case, this would mean ending the life of her unborn baby. Bridges said, “There’s no way I could kill a healthy baby because I’m sick.”

She delivered her daughter, Paisley, when she was eight months pregnant so that she could begin treatment.

Bridges said, “Paisley has been their ray of sunshine in this dark storm.”