Doctors Said Our Daughter Was “Incompatible With Life,” But We’re Glad We Rejected Abortion

Opinion   |   Brad Smith   |   Mar 22, 2016   |   10:16AM   |   Washington, DC

You can measure the value of a society by how the weakest members are treated.

Since 1989, Chile has been a country that protects these precious souls, but President Bachelet of Chile has decided to join the sick and depraved people of this world who have targeted disabled children for annihilation.  Chile’s Cámara de Diputados has linked arms with President Bachelet to vote for a bill that would allow disabled children to be killed in the womb by legalizing abortion in these cases.  Does a decent society protect or destroy its most vulnerable citizens?

My wife and I have a little girl named Faith — now 7 years old.  While Faith was still in the womb, doctors believed that she was facing a grave medical condition called Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome.  This is a chromosome abnormality that is often referred to as “Incompatible with Life” or a “Fatal Fetal Anomaly.”  We were pushed to have testing while she was still in utero because they wanted us to end her life, but we were not interested in ending her life, and we knew that even performing this test would risk Faith’s life so we opted for no testing.

When Faith was born, everyone saw that something was wrong.  We found out a couple of weeks later that Faith, in fact, had Trisomy 18.  Even at this point after Faith was born, we were being encouraged not to treat our daughter.  Doctors did not think that we should offer her even some of the most basic medical care to help our child live and thrive.  We even had a doctor who told us that “you will only prolong her life.”  Seriously, isn’t that what the medical industry is all about, prolonging life?

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You see, in the USA, we have allowed this perverse and demented view of life to take hold in our country through legalized abortion.  We have created a culture of death that causes many in our society to think of life as having little value and they are willing to judge the worth of another person’s life based upon their valueless view.  So now in the United States, doctors kill over 90% of children like my daughter Faith who have a disability.  Before they can even breathe their first breath, doctors murder our disabled children in the womb.

When I was a young boy in 1973, abortion was legalized in the United States.  Where I grew up in Ohio, we had a local school that sent buses around to pick up disabled children and take them to be taught.  Today, the school no longer exists because our culture has literally wiped most of the disabled children from the face of our nation.  This is the legacy that we are leaving because abortion has created a selfish, narcissistic people in the USA — so consumed with selves that citizens do not even care about the most vulnerable people among us.

The world has become a very scary place for disabled children.  Good people of Chile, do not let your president turn your country into a killing field for disabled children.  Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived that this is the best choice for everyone involved.  This is a LIE.  Your country will not be made better through abortion; rather, it will become degraded and dehumanized.  Your people will not have better lives because disabled children do not exist; they will simply have been deprived of the opportunity to develop compassion and to know the unconditional love of a disabled child who has only love to offer.

Tell your Senate to end this self-destructive bill that will eat away at your society until you have no value for life.  Stop President Bachelet from taking you down the road that leads to destruction.  Do NOT become like the rest of the world, but be an example to the world by loving your disabled children.  I can promise you one thing; you will be a better society and people by protecting your most vulnerable citizens.

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