Abortion Activists Hold Prayer Vigil Mourning Closure of South Bend, Indiana Abortion Clinic

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 21, 2016   |   10:05AM   |   South Bend, IN

After 30 years of performing abortions, The Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, Indiana closed its doors on Friday.

A pro-abortion vigil was held Friday to protest the abortion clinic closing, despite the facility’s numerous violations. During its 30 years of performing abortion, the Pavilion endangered women through failure to report child sex abuse, use of faulty emergency equipment, and other major violations, LifeNews reported.

Liam Morley, an executive team member for Pro-Choice South Bend, explained the purpose of the vigil to WNDU News, “To me, this vigil is important to honor the patients, the women, and the people in this community, who have needed and accessed abortion care.”

Yet, this comment conflicts with the complete lack of appropriate care women received there. Ignoring the obvious lack of regard abortionist George Klopfer had for his patients, the vigil was also intended to honor the abortionist, according to Morley.

Klopfer’s troubles began when volunteers with Indiana Right to Life filed 1,200 complaints against him for not reporting child sex abuse and other information required by the State based on Termination of Pregnancy reports obtained by the pro-life group through a public records act request.

The complaints prompted St. Joseph County Prosecutor Mike Dvorak to ask the Police Special Victim’s Unit to conduct a criminal investigation into the abortionist’s activities.



Women’s Pavilion was raided by police serving a search warrant in March, 2014. Violations that authorities found at that time included: Failure to comply with the 18 hour waiting period between the signing of consent forms and the abortion; Remains from an aborted baby stored in the same refrigerator as medications; and oxygen tanks and other emergency equipment lacking proper maintenance or just not working, among other violations.

Klopfer was criminally charged with failing to report suspected child sex abuse of two 13-year-old rape victims. Klopfer still faces possible revocation of his medical license or other discipline for hundreds of violations related to failing to include required information from state reporting forms and failing to report suspected cases of statutory rape.

Pro-lifers did not organize a counter protest. Saint Joseph Country Right to Life president Tom Gill explained their reason for this decision: “While we disagree with any effort to memorialize a business that has brought so much pain and harm to women and their unborn children in our community, we chose not to organize a counter protest and thereby avoid a confrontation that would not benefit either side. We hope that any pro-life presence at this event will be peaceful and prayerful.”

Currently, pro-lifers with 40 Days for Life have been holding regular vigils at the South Bend abortion clinic. The vigil director Shawn Sullivan explained that The Life Center is presently in the midst of a 63-day vigil. The pro-life vigil began on January 22, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling.

The pro-abortion protesters said that they are standing for women and their right to safe abortions. Yet the South Bend clinic was an extremely unsafe environment for women. It was a place where medication was stored in the same refrigerator as the remains of aborted babies and the rape of underage girls went unreported. This is why pro-life laws are proposed, to protect women from being used.