Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Thinks It Is “Important” to Extend ObamaCare to Cover Illegal Immigrants

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 18, 2016   |   10:39AM   |   Washington, DC

For the pro-life movement, Obamacare is an anti-life boondoggle. The nationalized health care program pays for abortions, it sends taxpayer funds to the Planned Parenthood abortion business, it promotes rationing of health care and it forces Christian-owned and operated groups and business to pay for drugs that may cause abortion.

Now, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says her mother wants to extend the government-run health care program to illegal immigrants. That would potentially expand the pro-abortion aspects of it.

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At a campaign stop Chelsea Clinton had the following exchange:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: “Is she planning on expanding Obamacare as people know it, ACA, to include people who are not fully documented? Because when you get ill, your illness will not ask you if you are a permanent resident or not.”

CLINTON: “It’s such an important question. Thank you for supporting my mom. My mom has very strong feelings that we must push as quickly as possible for comprehensive immigration reform, and this is a real difference between her’s and Senator Sanders’ record, she supported comprehensive immigration reform at every possible chance and she was one of the original supporters and sponsors of the DREAM Act. She does not believe that while we are working towards comprehensive immigration reform we should make people wait, like the families you are talking about. Which is why she thinks it’s so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship status. While we’re pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and reminding Republicans who are currently running for president that a couple of years ago they actually supported comprehensive immigration reform – something they seem to have forgotten during this election cycle – that we do whatever we can to solve challenges in the education system and the health system and elsewhere.”