Wendy Davis is Still Pushing Late-Term Abortions: “I’m Continuing to be a Voice” for Abortion

National   |   Conor Beck   |   Mar 16, 2016   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Wendy Davis is an unusual star within some liberal circles, remaining an influential voice even after her devastating, 20-plus point lost in the Texas gubernatorial race to Gov. Greg Abbott. Davis. Lately, Davis has been using her voice to push harder for late-term abortions.

Davis gets some points for honesty. In a recent interview which Texas Monthly, she was questioned on why she used language like “women’s health” in her campaign for governor when she was really talking about abortion. She says she is happy for “the freedom of no longer being constrained by message management.”

In talking more forcefully and honestly about fighting for abortions, Davis says she believes it is important to “de-stigmatize abortion.” She goes on to say that when abortion advocate “hide and pretend that that’s not what we’re fighting for.”

Davis also talks about a new pro-abortion documentary called Trapped, which treats abortionists and abortion activists as heroes and attacks abortion center regulation laws meant to protect women’s health and safety.

“I hope it prompts a broader conversation that more of us feel comfortable talking openly and without any shame whatsoever about abortion and why it’s important to protect that constitutional right,” Davis says.

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However, later in the interview, Davis avoids using the term abortion and slips back into the rhetoric that she claims she wants to avoid: “… what the folks who are highlighted in that movie are doing is the real work—the hard work of fighting day after day after day after day for adequate healthcare for the people that come to their clinics and to fight against the barrage of laws that try in every way possible to shut them down. Their dedication to human beings and the care and concern that they have for them is profound, and I was deeply touched watching the film last night to see the way that [Trapped producer] Dawn put an incredibly face on the work that they do and the value that they provide. They truly are the unsung heroes, and I’m glad that there’s a film out there that will help people to see that.”

Davis admits that her filibuster of a pro-life Texas bill in 2013 did not change any lawmakers’ minds. She says her filibuster was important for “forcing them to admit that they essentially had absolutely no objective, rational evidence that somehow supported the argument that these laws would make women’s health better, it was important for us to build that record.”

Since losing her bid for election, Davis also has worked on a fictitious TV series inspired by her career about a Democratic senator who loses the Texas gubernatorial race, according to Deadline. NBC has not moved it forward so it remains stalled, looking for buyers.

Changing the terms of the abortion conversation to make it more honest is something that pro-life advocates also support, believing that when abortion advocates speak truthfully about their experiences of abortion, their regret and the voice of life tends to break through.