Writer: “Hey Men, Abortion’s Not a Woman’s Issue, We Need to Get Involved”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 14, 2016   |   1:59PM   |   Washington, DC

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh has been told thousands of times that he should not talk about abortion because he is a man. What pro-life man hasn’t? Abortion activists can be particularly vicious toward men who disagree with them, claiming that only women should have a say in the abortion issue.

Walsh wrote at The Blaze, “As one feminist on Twitter put it, my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a male and this is ‘an issue solely of reproductive rights.’” Apparently, men don’t have reproductive rights, according to the pro-abortion crowd.

Walsh, known for his bold, sometimes controversial columns, said he has been condemned so often for his pro-life stance that he seriously wonders if abortion advocates really believe abortion should only be a “women’s issue – and one which men are somehow disqualified from discussing.”

In a recent column, Walsh gave three reasons why abortion is more than just a women’s issue. One is the obvious, that both a man and a woman are necessary to reproduce. As a result, the child should be both parents’ responsibility — in and out of the womb.

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He continued:

Abortion is a moral question, a legal question, a scientific question, a question of truth and reality and reason. I’m not a doctor, but I’m fairly sure your genitalia will not whisper the answers to these questions to you. The answers can be ascertained by listening not to your reproductive organs, but to your conscience, and by researching the facts.

Here’s what it comes down to: abortion is murder or it is not. Unborn children are people or they are not. It is morally acceptable to kill an innocent human being or it is not. A woman cannot change the objective answers to these questions, and neither can a man. I’m sure it is true that women have a greater emotional insight into this issue — many of them having carried and birthed children themselves — but an insight into the truth is not the same as an ability to alter it.

As Walsh pointed out, many women oppose abortion more strongly than men for these very reasons. Last January, even the abortion-supporting New York Times highlighted polls showing that the so-called “war on women” surrounding abortion really is a war among women.

“In other words, conservative women are the most anti-abortion segment of the population, and liberal women are the most in favor of abortion rights. You might say that the more significant difference here is not between men and women, but among women,” NYT writer Razib Khanjan said.

Men, however, tend to fall more in the middle on the abortion issue, according to polls. That’s a problem, Walsh said.

He ended his column with a bold condemnation of the men who openly support abortion, “There are only two types of pro-abortion men: those who are deeply confused about the issue, and those who are selfish, cowardly creeps.” These cowardly creeps are the types who often pressure or even force women to abort their unborn babies.

The internet recently has become a forum for some of these men – self-described as “bro-choice” – to share tips about pressuring their partners to abort, simply so they can avoid the responsibility of fatherhood. A pro-abortion Swedish group recently proposed its own radical solution to male responsibility for unborn babies – allow fathers to “abort” their paternal rights to their unborn children up to 18 weeks of pregnancy, the same cut-off for women to have abortions in Sweden.

Walsh pushed back against this selfishness, saying men have a “duty” to oppose abortion in today’s culture:

The men who conceive children and act so “supportive” when the woman considers abortion are not actually supportive at all. Supporting is precisely the thing they wish to avoid doing. A man has a duty to his child, and when you “support” a woman’s decision to kill your own son or daughter, you have shirked that duty in the worst possible way.

… [pro-life men] must continue to barge into the discussion and rudely involve ourselves in issues like abortion, because that is our responsibility. Notice I am not saying men should speak out against abortion even though they are men; I’m saying they ought to speak out because they are men. We’re already in bad shape when men in our culture simply fail to be moral leaders. We’re basically doomed when they decide they have no right to be leaders, or that stepping aside and failing to lead is somehow a virtuous act.

Because men are denied the right to their unborn child before birth, many shirk the duties of fatherhood once the child is born. Tragically, though, there are other men who have fought for their unborn babies’ lives, but were left with painful scars because the mother of their child had an abortion.