Watch Hillary’s Very Insensitive Answer to Someone Who’s Health Costs Tripled After Obamacare

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 14, 2016   |   12:56PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement strongly opposed Obamacare because of the abortion funding and rationing components of the legislation and because of the trampling of conscience rights for pro-life groups and  businesses. But millions of Americans also opposed Obamacare because they knew it would lead to higher health care premiums.

On the campaign trail, pro-abortion Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was confronted by a voter who health care costs have tripled since Obamacare. Clinton essentially brushes off the comment and, in an insensitive reply, tells the voter to go shopping for new health insurance:

VOTER: And I have voted for Obama, and then my health insurance skyrocketed from $490 a month to $1,080 a month for a family of four. And I know that Obama said that we would be paying a little more, but over doubling my health insurance cost has not been a little more. It has been difficult to come up with that kind of payment every month. I would like to vote democratic, but it has cost me a lot of money, and I’m just wondering if democratic, Democrats really realize how difficult it has been on working class Americans to finance Obama care.

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CLINTON: Wow, thank you for asking me that. And may I ask you, before, were you buying your family health insurance in the individual family market? Were you getting it through the employer?

VOTER: I was purchasing it privately, because we both had bouts of unemployment.

CLINTON: And so you were going to a broker and buying a health insurance policy.


CLINTON: And in effect, it nearly tripled after you went on to the exchange and bought a policy under the affordable care act — is that right?

VOTER: No, we could not do that. It was much more expensive than just purchasing private insurance from the insurance company.

CLINTON: And so you are still buying the private insurance directly?


CLINTON: Okay. First of all, let me say that I want very much to get the costs down, and this is going to be my mission, because I do think that for many, many people, but there are exceptions like what you are telling me having the affordable care act has reduced costs, has created a real guarantee of insurance, because if you’d had a pre-existing condition under the old system, you wouldn’t have gotten affordable insurance, so it has done a lot of really good things, but, it has become increasingly clear that we are going to have to get the costs down, and what I would like to see happen for you and your family is to get the co-pays down, and the deductibles down D, and the prescription drug costs under control that you would find an affordable plan on your exchange.

One thing that I would like you to do, because it is not making a difference, but I would like for you the go shopping on that exchange. As I understand it, Ohio has the federal exchange — is that right, Joyce? Because they did not set up a state exchange, so you have the federal exchange, and to go on and keep looking to see what the prices are, because we have get more competition back into the insurance market. One thing that I want to work on with my friends from Congress who are here is that we’ve got the get more nonprofits that are capable of selling insurance back into the insurance market.

You know, blue cross and blue shield used to be nonprofits. And then they transferred themselves into for-profit companies. There was some effort made under the affordable care act to get some competition from the nonprofit institution, and some of them worked and a lot of them didn’t, but I want to know what we can do, because if you could get a range of insurers and some of who were not for-profit company, that would lower the costs, and so there is a number of things they am looking at. What I want to assure you and your family of is that I will do everything I can as president working with members of Congress where necessary to try to get the costs down. But I do want you to keep shopping, because what you are telling me is much higher than what I hear from other families, and so I want to be sure that if there is a better option for you out there, I want you to take advantage of that, and I then want to work to keep costs down for everybody including the prescription cost drugs which are skyrocketing and increasing the costs for everything else.