South Bend, Indiana Will be Abortion Free as Last Abortion Clinic Will Close Next Week

State   |   Steven Ertelt, Cheryl Sullenger   |   Mar 11, 2016   |   11:53AM   |   South Bend, IN

South Bend, Indiana, home of Notre Dame University, will become abortion free next week as the Women’s Pavilion in South Bend will officially close. The abortion center stopped doing abortions back in November — it has continued to refer women for abortions since then — and now it will close up shop for good.

The closing comes after the state refused to renew its operating license following a host of problems.

The clinic’s troubled owner, abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, will surrender his facility license now that he has dropped his appeal of a decision issued in June by the Indiana State Department of Health to revoke the Women’s Pavillion’s operating license.

The ISDH notified Klopfer of its intent to revoke the Women’s Pavillion facility license in June after he failed to adequately correct numerous deficiencies discovered by inspectors.

Klopfer still faces possible revocation of his medical license or other discipline for hundreds of violations related to failing to include required information from state reporting forms and failing to report suspected child sex abuse in a timely manner.

Klopfer’s pattern of omitting critical information on the state mandated reporting forms served to cover up for child rapists and made it nearly impossible for the State to investigate suspected cases of child sex abuse or determine whether the abortions done by Klopfer were within the legal gestational limits in Indiana.

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Women’s Pavillion was raided by police serving a search warrant in March, 2014. Klopfer was criminally charged with failing to report suspected child sex abuse.

“Years of shoddy abortion practices have finally caught up with Dr. Klopfer,” said Cathie Humbarger, Indiana Right to Life’s Vice President of Policy Enforcement. “Klopfer compromised the health and safety of women who sought abortions from him in Gary, Fort Wayne and South Bend, and we’re relieved he is finally being shut down. Hoosier women deserve better. We extend our appreciation to the Pence administration and the ISDH for refusing to sweep Klopfer’s shady practices under the rug. It’s a good day for the health and safety of Hoosier women.”

A local pro-abortion group sent a press release to local media confirming the closing:

Pro-Choice South Bend would like to thank the staff and supporters of the Women’s Pavilion, an abortion clinic that provided over 30 years of service to our community. Though the clinic stopped offering abortion care last November, it has remained open to give referrals to other abortion providers. As of March 18th, the clinic will be permanently closed. Pro-Choice South Bend will be hosting a vigil at the Women’s Pavilion on Friday, March 18th at 7 pm.

Indiana Right to Life obtained thousands of termination of pregnancy reports from the state health department using a request for public records. Right to Life groups throughout Indiana reviewed the documents and found the omissions that have landed Klopfer in hot water with regulators and county prosecutors.

Klopfer once operated three abortion clinics in Indiana. His Ft. Wayne facility halted abortions last year and he surrendered his Gary facility license in June. The termination of abortion services at Women’s Pavilion in South Bend will put an end to Klopfer’s abortion empire.