“Should a Child Have Any Legal Rights Before He’s Born?” Watch Hillary Clinton’s Shocking Answer

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 8, 2016   |   10:41AM   |   Washington, DC

During last night’s Fox News town forum, pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a question from host Bret Baier about abortion and whether or not unborn children should have any rights before birth.

Here’s the question and answer with Clinton. Her avoidance of the question makes it clear she doesn’t think unborn children should have any legal rights.

BAIER: “I want to ask you about a question I asked Senator Sanders. Do you think a child should have any legal rights or protections before its born. Do you think there should not be any restrictions on any abortions on any stage in a pregnancy.”

CLINTON: “Let me put this in context. It’s an important question. Right now the supreme court is considering a decision that would shut down a lot of the options for women in Texas, and there have been other legislatures that have taken similar steps to try to restrict a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. Under roe versus wade, women have this right to make this highly personal decision with their family in accordance with their faith, with their doctor. It’s not much of a right if it is totally limited and constrained. I think we have to continue to stand up for a woman’s right to make these decisions and to defend Planned Parenthood, which does an enormous amount of footwork across our country.”

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BAIER: “Just to be clear. No exceptions?”

CLINTON: “I have been on record in favor of a late pregnancy regulation that would have exceptions for the life and health of the mother. I object to the recent effort in Congress to pass a law saying after 20 weeks, you know, no such exceptions, because although these are rare, they sometimes arise in the most complex difficult medical situation.”

BAIER: “Fetal malformities?”

CLINTON: “And threats to the woman’s health.”

BAIER: “Sure.”

CLINTON: “So I think it is under Roe versus Wade. It is appropriate to say in these circumstances, so long as —“

Republican party spokeswoman Allison Moore told LifeNews.com she’s not surprised by Clinton’s answer.

“Throughout her career in politics Hillary Clinton has repeatedly avoided giving a definitive stance on late-term abortions. When pressed to define what limits to abortion she believes in, Clinton opted to say she believes in ‘late pregnancy regulation’ rather than give a specific date. Voters deserve to know where Clinton stands on protecting life rather than continue to be misled with undefined language,” she said.