She Had an Abortion and Has No Regrets: “It Definitely Has Been Really Rewarding”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 8, 2016   |   12:13PM   |   Washington, DC

Aiyana’s story starts like so many others. She was young, pregnant and her boyfriend wasn’t supportive. So, she aborted their unborn baby.

The 22-year-old artist from New York was one of five women featured in a Huffington Post article about their lives before and after their abortions. The purpose of these stories is to further the pro-abortion agenda that claims women need abortions and they are being wrongly judged – “stigmatized” – for having them. The idea is that if women just share their abortion experiences publicly, somehow people will begin to see that abortion is normal and needed. That, even though an abortion can be painful, it is still good for women. Of course, none of these stories mention the unborn child.

Aiyana was 20 years old when she had an abortion. Reflecting on the experience two years later, the young artist said she struggled emotionally but has no regrets. She said:

He ended up not being as supportive as I thought he would be (at the immediate time). He did everything he could, aside from paying for it. I initially paid for everything out of pocket. Although I was reimbursed for it – but to cover the initial costs, I took care of all of that. After it happened, when I did feel like I needed a lot of emotional support, he didn’t really provide that. So that was a contributing factor to us breaking up.

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The clinic I got it done at, they allow men to be in the room. Which most clinics don’t allow. So I set the date for when my boyfriend would be back from tour because I wanted him to have to experience it with me, I guess. You know because as a male I felt that even though he was undoubtedly affected by it I sort of wanted him to in some part experience the physicality of everything that was happening. I think he was kind of freaked out but he was very supportive of me. I’m glad he was there.

Aiyana said she has found comfort in talking about her abortion experience with friends.

“It definitely has been really rewarding in some ways… at least I know I can give friends or acquaintances of mine somebody to talk to, who can give them advice or give them resources that they might not otherwise be aware of,” she said. “I think it can help remove the stigma that’s attached to having an abortion.”

But just talking about abortion won’t bring healing, especially when abortion activists continue to deny the root of the pain: the killing of an innocent human being inside its mother’s womb. As modern technology makes it clearer that the unborn are human beings, it is becoming harder for society to view abortion as simply a “choice.” It’s becoming apparent that abortion is wrong and not just for the unborn. Even with stories like Aiyana’s that are meant to make abortion appear good, it’s hard to escape the reality that abortion hurts women as well as their unborn babies.