Pro-Abortion Group Wants Men to Have the Right to “Abort” Their Baby Up to 18 Weeks

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 7, 2016   |   6:53PM   |   Stockholm, Sweden

Pro-lifers have long called it a tragedy that fathers are denied the right to protect their unborn children from abortion. If the woman wants an abortion and the man does not, the man cannot stop her from aborting their child.

But a radical political group in Sweden, which noticed the same inequality problem, is advocating a dangerous solution to the issue. The Independent reports the Swedish Liberal People Party’s youth wing (LUF Väst) wants men to be able to end their paternal rights to their unborn child up to 18 weeks of pregnancy, the same cut-off for women to have abortions in Sweden.

LUF Väst chairman Marcus Nilsen told The Local the proposal would promote equality between men and women when it comes to deciding when and whether to be a parent. Their proposal would allow men to renounce the duties and rights of parenthood, similar to a woman’s choice to have an abortion, Nilson said. If a man chose to give up his parental rights, he would not have to pay child support and would give up their right to see his child, he said.

“It’s something we thought was worthy of debate but the reactions have been overwhelmingly conservative, with a lot of people viewing it as an attack on the nuclear family,” Nilsen said. “We have other issues we’re prioritizing such as housing and employment.”

“There are endless examples of men who can’t even say whether they want to be involved in parenthood or how involved they want to be. It is important that men remain honest with themselves and their intentions. We see our proposal as a clear legal decision,” Nilsen added.

Facing criticism online that the proposal is misogynistic, Nilson responded that it was a group of female members who proposed the measure at their annual meeting.

According to the report, “A senior member of the mother party, Carl B. Hamilton, called the youngsters idiots and wondered if ‘sex with hippos’ would be next on the agenda.”

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The political group has a history of radical proposals, including one that would legalize incest for consenting adults over the age of 15; and the new proposal is not expected to be seriously considered by the Swedish government, according to reports.

Such a proposal, if adopted, could lead to more abortions. Lack of support often is a key factor in women’s decisions to have abortions. Statistics show that most women who have abortions are unmarried, indicating lack of support from the father.

Some men also take abortion into their own hands if their partners refuse. Recently, men in Kansas and New York have been convicted of crimes for forcing their partners to abort their unborn babies, either through violence or secrecy.

Some pro-lifers also argue that legalized abortion already is an outlet for men to escape the responsibility of parenthood. However, the flip side of the issue is that women also can use abortion to shirk the responsibilities of parenthood – even when the father wants the child.