Woman Dies After She Was Forced to Have Her 9th Abortion, Mother-in-Law Wanted a Grandson

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 3, 2016   |   10:41AM   |   Beijing, China

No one knows how many unborn girls have been mercilessly aborted in sex-selection abortions across the world. Recently in China, this gendercide claimed the life of a mother as well as her unborn daughter.

The Daily Mail reports a woman named Chen from Guandong, China died with her unborn baby girl in a forced abortion after her mother-in-law demanded that she have a boy. Chen’s mother-in-law, who is not named, reportedly forced her to have nine abortions after discovering that the unborn babies were girls.

Chen died in July 2015 during her ninth abortion, but the Chinese media only discovered the report on her death Tuesday, according to the news outlet. The woman reportedly died from internal bleeding caused by the abortion. Her previous abortions likely also contributed to her death by thinning the wall of her uterus, according to the report.

Chen also has three older daughters who are alive, according to the report.

The reports do not indicate whether the mother-in-law has been charged in Chen’s death.

Sex-selection abortions are a major problem in China, where there is a cultural preferences for boys. China’s population is heavily male because of this, with 115.88 boys born to every 100 girls in 2014, LifeNews reported.

According to some reports 163 million Asian women are “missing” because of gender targeted abortions and infanticide.

Rebecca Taylor reported for LifeNews how sex-selection abortions have led to even more abuses against women:

Far from liberating women, it is killing millions of girls and magnifying the prejudice and mistreatment of the girls that do make it out of the womb.  And as women become more scarce, their value rises which some have suggested means that women will be treated better.  But exactly opposite is true.  Women have become commodities to be bought and sold.

Parents all over Asia are guarding their girls against kidnappers who would sell them to rich families who want to guarantee a future bride for their son.  Women are routinely kidnapped and dragged across boundary lines to be forced into the sex industry.  Poor families, who could not afford sex selective procedures are selling their daughters to rich families who could.  Sex selective abortion ensures that women are born only to poor families who cannot afford sex selection and then those women are treated as commodities.

LifeNews Note: File photo of another woman forced to have an abortion.