Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Display: “Everyone Deserves to Kill Their Unborn Child”

National   |   Jennifer Whitton   |   Mar 3, 2016   |   5:54PM   |   Tempe, Arizona

Every semester for the past two years our organization participates in the National Pro-life Chalk Day as a group. We love the chance to creatively portray positive messages about the pro-life movement and display information about our Pregnant on Campus Initiative to students on our campus.

We have always made sure to receive permission from Arizona State University to chalk.

This year, we finished chalking around midnight on Thursday morning. When I walked through campus at 8am, pro-abortion supporters had crossed out and scuffed our chalk.

The also added appalling statements one of which stated, “Everyone deserves 2 kill their unborn child”.


Then at 10:30am, a university worker completely washed away all of the chalk telling one of our members that the message was “too political”. I was not notified of the power washing even though we had received permission to chalk and that permission included having the chalk stay until regular power washing that night.

ASU chalk war2

Even though the chalk messages were the same as previous semesters, somehow they are “too political” this time. I am still working to hear back from the university about the situation.

Editor’s note: We want to commend ASU Students for Life on their incredible chalk artwork!

ASU chalk heart ASU chalk heart2 ASU chalk war unplanned
LifeNews Note: Jennifer Whitton is the president of Arizona State Students for Life.