Mexican Pro-Life Leader Arrested Who Has Saved 150,000 Babies From Abortion

International   |   Human Life Alliance   |   Mar 1, 2016   |   6:39PM   |   Mexico City, Mexico

Jorge Serrano, president of Mexico’s National Pro-Life Committee, the organization responsible for over 150,000 babies being saved from abortion since his appointment, was charged by Mexican authorities earlier this month. Señor Serrano was released on 26 million pesos (about 1.37 million dollars) bail.

“I met Señor Serrano near Fort Worth, TX after previous attacks against him. People broke into his office, trashed it, drew a heart on his chair and stabbed a knife into it (a clear message). Señor Serrano is truly one of my heroes. I keep a picture of his chair on my bulletin board to keep things in perspective when I’m having a bad day,” said Jo Tolck HLA Executive Director.

The charges are similar to ones issued in 2012. Serrano was acquitted. He acknowledged this was the sixth time authorities attempted to prosecute him for “mismanaging funds” in 2003.

The Mexican media (mostly pro-abortion) continues to accuse Serrano of fraud, long ago answered by the National Pro-Life Committee. Red Familia, a pro-family network said, “…we are conscious of the process of investigations to which Jorge was subjected by the authorities. Furthermore, we note a clear attack against pro-life and pro-family thought and actions that has grown considerably in the population…”

Please pray for Jorge Serrano and the National Pro-Life Committee. Pray this case, brought against him is once more put to rest… for the last time.

Let the Attorney General of Mexico know about your outrage. Email her at [email protected]