The Incredible Moment a Baby Born Inside the Amniotic Sac Takes His First Breath

International   |   Conor Beck   |   Feb 26, 2016   |   4:34PM   |   Washington, DC

This incredible video of a baby being born inside the amniotic sac is one that you need to see for yourself.

As the Daily Mail explains, the amniotic sac is “a bag of clear, pale fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows.” It helps protect the baby from injury and provides the baby with fluids. It usually breaks on its own during birth, often referred to as the mother’s water breaking.

The amount of amniotic fluid typically increases until the last few weeks before birth, and then reduces slightly. It starts to form within days of conception.


In the video, the baby, whose name is not given, can be seen moving around inside the amniotic sac and then taking a first breath as doctors cut open the sac and lift the newborn.



The amazing video of the baby’s birth has been viewed more than 20 million times since being uploaded just over a week ago, according to the report.