Ted Cruz: Don’t Vote for Donald Trump Because “He Thinks Planned Parenthood is Wonderful”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 26, 2016   |   10:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Ted Cruz went after Donald Trump’s repeated praising of the Planned Parenthood abortion business last night during the Republican presidential debate. Cruz essentially said pro-life voters shouldn’t support Trump because “he thinks Planned Parenthood is wonderful.”

As LifeNews reported, Trump stood firm in his defense of Planned Parenthood’s very few services other than abortion during Thursday night’s CNN Republican debate.

“I am pro-life, I am totally against abortion having to do with Planned Parenthood, but millions and millions of women, [with] cervical cancer, breast cancer, are helped by Planned Parenthood,” Trump said in the face of criticism from his rivals.

“You can say whatever you want, but they have millions of women going through Planned Parenthood who are helped greatly. I wouldn’t fund it, I’d defund it because of the abortion factor,” he added.

Here’s what Cruz had to say in response:

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TED CRUZ: “You know, this is another issue on which Donald and I have sharp disagreements on Planned Parenthood. He thinks Planned Parenthood is wonderful. I would instruct the department of justice to investigate them and prosecute any and all criminal violations. On Obamacare, both Donald and I say we want to end it, but for very different reasons. I want to end it because it’s gone too far, it’s killed millions of jobs, and it’s hurting people’s health care. Donald wants to end it, because he says it doesn’t go fairly near enough. And what was amazing in that exchange that’s missing is that for decades Donald has been advocating socialized medicine.

What he’s said is that the government should pay for everyone’s health care. And a couple of debates ago, he said, if you don’t support socialized health care, you’re heartless. Social Democrats have been saying that for years. If you’re a small business owner, Donald Trump’s socialized medicine, putting the government in charge of your health care would kill more jobs than Obamacare, and if you’re elderly, the results of socialized medicine in every country on Earth where it’s been implemented has been rationing, has been the government saying, no, you don’t get that hip replacement, you don’t get that knee replacement, the government is in charge of your health care. I’ll tell you that. As president, I will repeal every word of Obamacare.”