Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Life Law Putting Limits on Dangerous Abortion Pill

State   |   Conor Beck   |   Feb 24, 2016   |   1:59PM   |   Oklahoma City, OK

The Oklahoma Supreme Court just upheld a law that places restrictions on the use of dangerous abortion drugs.

KJRH of Tulusa reports the Tuesday decision reverses a previous ruling last year by a judge in Oklahoma County who found the law to be unconstitutional.

The Times Record says the Oklahoma law requires abortion drugs to be used only under FDA protocols. The legislation is incredibly important because it protects women from the various complications associated with the RU486 abortion drug.

The abortion drug regimen RU-486 has serious risks. As previously reported on LifeNews, between 2000 and 2011, the drug resulted in 11 women’s deaths and 2,207 injuries. In the past, Planned Parenthood has given the drug to women past the prescribed date, leading to four California women dying within a week. This prompted them to comply to FDA standards that Oklahoma is now requiring.

A Food and Drug Administration report on RU-486 stated: “Severe infections generally involve death or hospitalization for at least 2-3 days, intravenous antibiotics for at least 24 hours, total antibiotic usage for at least 3 days, and any other physical or clinical findings, laboratory data or surgery that suggest a severe infection.”

Abortion facilities have not followed the FDA recommendations, however. Just a year after the abortion drug Mifeprex was approved by the FDA in 2000, an estimated 83 percent of U.S. providers were no longer using the FDA-approved regiment, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

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The drug also has taken the lives of 2 million unborn children in the United States since its approval in 2000.

KJRH reported that abortion activists oppose the Oklahoma law, claiming it limits women’s right to terminate pregnancies.