Amnesty International Calls Abortion a Human Right, Compares Banning Abortion to “Torture”

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Feb 22, 2016   |   1:53PM   |   Washington, DC

In a recent article, the human rights organization Amnesty International attacked El Salvador’s abortion ban, likening it to “torture.”

El Salvador does not allow abortion in any circumstance, because it recognizes the rights of unborn babies. Yet, Amnesty claims that making victims of rape and incest carry their unborn babies to full term is “tantamount to torture and other forms of ill treatment.”

The group is calling for the pro-life country to end its life-protecting laws and legalize abortion in cases of rape, incest and the life and health of the mother (abortions for “health” reasons often are so broadly defined that the exception allows abortion for basically any reason). Amnesty also claims that abortion is a “human right” for women and girls.

Amnesty insists that if a woman is suspected of having an abortion, or a doctor of assisting in one, then they are imprisoned. Amnesty also says that some of these women were assumed to have aborted their children, when in reality they suffered a miscarriage. They give an example of a woman who was jailed after delivering a stillborn baby.

The organization makes many bold accusations about El Salvador’s life-protecting laws, but fails to provide hard evidence to validate its claims. Instead Amnesty quotes abortion advocate Denis Muñoz, who calls the abortion ban a “witch hunt against poor women.” And rather than address the sexual abuse that abortion would only succeed in concealing, Amnesty simply pushes contraception and legalizing abortion as the solution.



LifeNews previously reported on the group’s radical pro-abortion stance, explaining that “Amnesty International had a long standing and highly respected reputation for being scrupulously impartial when conducting research in the area of human rights. That well deserved reputation has been greatly undermined by Amnesty’s decision to adopt such a one-sided position on the abortion issue.”

Amnesty’s focus is not on protecting women from abuse, but promoting abortion and contraception. Rape is a horrific and inexcusable crime, and the solution lies in punishing the abusive father, not the innocent child and mother. Amnesty’s abortion agenda would only conceal more instances of abuse, instead of revealing them as they should be.

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