Amazing 4D Ultrasound Scans Show Unborn Babies Yawning and Picking Their Noses

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 18, 2016   |   11:59AM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement has spent decades teaching society that unborn babies really are not any different than babies who are born. The only difference is their location.

With continued progresses in technology, this continues to be proven true – sometimes in amusing ways. With the growing use of 4D ultrasounds, more expecting mothers are watching their unborn babies yawn, wave and even pick their noses in the womb.

The Daily Mail compiled a series of 4D ultrasound photos showing unborn babies’ unusual actions. One baby looks like he or she is screaming, while another looks thoughtful. Other babies are shown displaying a range of emotions by smiling, frowning and hiding their faces.

Unborn babies do experience emotions, ranging from joy and satisfaction to anger and fear, according to a 2014 German study. German researcher Dr. Ludwig Janus said there is a close connection between mother and child, through which the developing fetus “is confronted with a whole range of feelings and sympathises with them.”

A 2007 British study showed similar results. The scientists examined unborn babies as young as 17 weeks and found that they experience stress and anxiety when their mothers do, LifeNews previously reported.

And sometimes, unborn babies even give their families encouraging signs. In 2014, a London mother who was considering abortion changed her mind after seeing her unborn daughter give a thumbs-up sign on the ultrasound screen.




Mother Fay Murrish explained, “We were told Chanel could have operations, but would have only a 50-50 chance of surviving the first and would need two more. Even her life expectancy would only be to young adulthood and she would eventually need a heart transplant. When you hear that you wonder if you could bring a child into the world. But Chanel started kicking. There was no way I could have a termination. I know she wanted to live because she was giving a huge thumbs-up at her scan.”

Many mothers have reported choosing life after seeing their unborn babies via ultrasound. One study found that 78 percent of abortion-minded and abortion vulnerable women who had the opportunity to see their unborn baby via ultrasound chose life.

These findings and facts provide hope that unborn babies’ lives will be protected again one day. As technology continues to advance and our understanding of life in the womb increases, the abortion industry will no longer be able to hide behind its lies that an unborn child is nothing more than a “clump of cells.”