Doctor Told Woman Her Baby Died and Gave Her an Abortion Pill, Later Her Baby is Found Healthy

International   |   Conor Beck   |   Feb 17, 2016   |   11:00AM   |   Bristol, England

A controversy is going on right now in Bristol, England, after a doctor told a woman that her unborn child’s heartbeat could not be found and offered her an abortion pill, but a week later, the woman was still pregnant.

A doctor at Southmead Hospital offered Jessica Lamb the abortion pill to evacuate her uterus, believing that her unborn child had died, according to Bristol Post. She declined, and a week later she learned at a check-up that her baby was still, in fact, alive.

The trauma of the situation, and the possibility that Lamb could have destroyed a human life without intent, is leaving the hospital the subject of controversy.

The ordeal started when Lamb went to an out-of-hours clinic at Southmead Hospital on Jan. 30 after she started bleeding, according to the report. The doctor could not detect a heartbeat, and said she probably lost her unborn child. Lamb declined the abortion pill because she said she wanted to see if the baby would miscarry naturally.

“It was a week of hell,” Lamb said. “[My husband] Liam and I were heartbroken and distraught to be told that we had lost the baby.”

However, at an appointment on Feb. 5 to check the progress of her miscarriage, the doctor had surprising news.

“I don’t know how to say this, but you are still pregnant,” the doctor told Lamb.

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Lamb said: “Me and my mum just burst in to tears, we were so happy. And when I went home and told Liam, he was over the moon.”

The Lambs later filed a complaint with the hospital, the report states. An investigation is being done into the case to prevent similar unwanted abortions at the hospital, and to make sure there is no indifference toward pregnant women and their babies.

The case at the Bristol hospital is representative of a larger trend of abortion being suggested and even sometimes pushed on unborn babies because of false test results. LifeNews has previously reported on screening tests being used as diagnostic tests for unborn babies, leading many healthy babies to have false positive test results for various conditions.

Though aborting a child who is healthy is not any more immoral than aborting one with a disability, the trend of healthy babies being aborted because of predatory and inaccurate testing is disturbing. “Screening” or high sensitivity tests do not qualify as a diagnosis, and even if they did, doctors sometimes have been too eager to promote the option of abortion.

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