Babies Planned Parenthood Aborted Were Shipped in 31-Gallon Medical Waste Containers Every Week

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 16, 2016   |   2:20PM   |   Indianapolis, IN

A company contracting with a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Missouri shipped the bodies of aborted babies in 31-gallon medical waste containers to a medical waste processing plant in Indiana every single week.

As LifeNews previously reported, the Indiana-based company MedAssure is facing a fine and a probe from state officials for violating its state permit by accepting the aborted babies form Planned Parenthood, even though the state does not allow the company to process the remains of aborted children.

Now, Indiana Right to Life has learned that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has issued a fine of $11,250 against the Indianapolis medical waste company MedAssure after concluding in its investigation that MedAssure “accepted medical waste which it was not permitted to accept during a time period between September 2012 and January 2016.”  The IDEM investigation states MedAssure accepted between three and six 31-gallon containers of medical waste per week from Pathology Services, Inc.” and that during the investigation, it was discovered that some of the containers “contained fetal remains.”

“We are horrified by the findings of this investigation,” Indiana Right to Life president Mike Fichter told LifeNews today.  “Unfortunately, there are four other medical waste companies in Indiana that, unlike MedAssure, have no restrictions on disposing of aborted babies.  We fear Indiana’s current law allowing aborted babies to be treated as medical waste is making Indiana a magnet for fetal disposal.”

Fichter said Indiana Right to Life is calling on the Indiana Senate to take swift action in passing House Bill 1337 which requires humane disposal of aborted babies by cremation or burial.  The bill, which has already passed the Indiana House, will be heard tomorrow before a Senate committee.

A local ABC television state reported on the violations after conducting an investigation. The investigation examined the companies Planned Parenthood uses to process the bodies of aborted babies and a Missouri-based firm, Pathology Services, contracts with Planned Parenthood and then apparently shipped the aborted babies to MedAssure.

Call 6 Investigates reached out to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management after receiving a tip about possible fetal remains being sent to Indianapolis from Missouri. IDEM said it is looking into the west side Indianapolis facility. Details of the investigation and the fine are expected to be released on Tuesday.

But the deliveries that raised questions came from Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

Under their 2012 state permit, MedAssure can handle and treat medical waste and transport the waste to a final disposal facility. It can’t handle or process fetal remains.

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The Missouri investigation was prompted by the Center for Medical Progress videos showing Planned Parenthood’s role in aborted baby body parts trafficking.  The Missouri AG’s report, which states, “our investigation traced the fetal organs and tissue removed during surgical abortions performed by PPSLR from the surgery, to the pathological examination, to their ultimate destruction”, includes an invoice copy and a medical waste tracking document from MedAssure in Indianapolis.