He Kicked His Girlfriend’s Stomach So Hard After She Refused Abortion, He Killed Her Baby

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Feb 15, 2016   |   1:53PM   |   London, England

Kevin Wilson will spend at least 16 years behind bars after he was convicted of child destruction and grievous bodily harm after he brutally attacked his girlfriend and killed the baby inside of her.

The BBC reports Wilson was found guilty on Dec. 17 after he killing his girlfriend’s unborn child. London Judge Mark Lucraft described Wilson’s actions as “a cowardly, vile callous attack.”

LifeNews previously reported Wilson insisted that his girlfriend Malorie Bantala abort their unborn child after first discovering that she was pregnant. Without her consent, the south London man scheduled an appointment with a nearby abortion facility. After Bantala refused to go, Wilson took drastic measures to ensure that he didn’t become a father.

Bantala was on her way home after purchasing decorations for her upcoming baby shower when the attack occurred, according to the reports. At eight months pregnant, she was very excited for the birth of her first child. Bantala said she never expected Wilson and an accomplice to be waiting in the bushes near her flat.

The two men jumped out of the bushes and brutally attacked her. Wearing crash helmets in an attempt to disguise themselves, they stomped and kicked Malorie’s stomach, the report states. Bantala said she used her hand to try to shield her unborn baby, but the attackers relentlessly continued the brutal attack. In her attempt to save her baby two of her fingers were broken, and she lost six pints of blood, according to the report.

Bantala testified that during the attack she recognized Wilson from his clothes and starting shouting his name. Finally, some neighbors heard the cries and came to her assistance. At the arrival of help, the assailants fled, according to the report.

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As LifeNews previously reported on this case, the June Attack killed their unborn baby boy and left Bantala with life-threatening injuries including internal bleeding, according to the report. She later delivered her stillborn baby by emergency cesarian section.

According to The Daily Mail, the baby would have been born a healthy child were it not for the horrific incident, “A post-mortem extermination of the fetus found that if it had not been for the assault, there was no reason why he would not have been born alive and a DNA test confirmed that Wilson was the father.”

Bantala was rightly heartbroken at the loss of her baby, who she named Joel.

“The moment Joel died inside me I lost everything, literally. Life as I knew it no longer made sense,” she said.

Even before attacking Bantala, Wilson had already gotten another girl pregnant, and his new girlfriend had an abortion, likely at his request, according to the BBC.

Acts of violence against pregnant women are startlingly common. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, violence caused by a partner is the “leading cause of injuries and death among U.S. women of childbearing age.”