Blind Second Grade Student Creates Amazing Braille Valentine’s Day Cards for Her Class

National   |   Conor Beck   |   Feb 12, 2016   |   7:31PM   |   Washington, DC

A blind second grade girl made unique cards for her classmates this Valentine’s Day, complete with braille.

On each card, the little girl wrote the word “Love” in braille, accompanied by writing in print so the other students can understand what the valentines say, Mashable reports.

Initially posted by the girl’s father “Mack3r” on Reddit, the thread proved a great medium for others to praise dedicated, loving parenting and find out more about the lives of blind people.

One Reddit user asked “How does one braille something?” and learned about a device called a Perkins Brailler that punches dots onto a special type of paper just thick enough that it doesn’t go all the way through.

Another user asked the girl’s father, “How did she braille it and cut them if she’s blind?” He replied: “Her sense of touch is astounding. Folks who are blind need to use their other senses to make up for the lack of sight, and this results in them being far more skilled with those senses than sighted people.”



“As someone who is blind, you’re doing it right. I wish I had a daddy like you,” one user said.

Tragically, some children with disabilities don’t have parents who are as supportive. Many unborn children who are diagnosed with disabilities — even with minor, repairable physical impairments like cleft lips — are aborted rather than given a chance at life.

Mack3r, who, like so many other parents of children with disabilities, sees the intrinsic value of his daughter’s life, didn’t feel deserving of the credit. He described himself as “proud, and humbled” by his daughter’s work.

“She’s amazing,” he added.