Activists Start Christians for Abortion Organization, Say “Pro-Lifers Not in Line With the Bible”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 11, 2016   |   11:00AM   |   London, England

Angered by the 40 Days for Life pro-life campaigns in England, a group of abortion activists who call themselves Christians recently formed a counter-campaign.

The UK blog Abortion Rights reports the new group Christians for Choice formed in direct response to the pro-life 40 Days for Life campaigns. The pro-abortion group said it is made up of abortion supporters from various Christian denominations.

Edem Barbara Ntumy, one of the group founders, said she doesn’t think her faith and support of abortion are “diametrically opposed.”

“The rhetoric of Christian anti-choice groups has drowned out the voices of pro-choice Christians,” Ntumy said. “It is vital that other Christian positions on abortion are heard. Whilst I recognise those of Christian faiths have a diverse range of opinions on abortion, it is important to be able to have uncomfortable conversations and debates within our community.”

Other abortion activists also have attempted to justify their involvement in the abortion industry by talking about their religious beliefs. Mississippi abortionist Willie Parker calls himself a Christian and his abortion practice “a ministry.” Young abortionist-in-training Carolyn Payne says her faith influenced her to pursue a job in the abortion industry. And Methodist minister Emma Akpan says she volunteers for Planned Parenthood because she is a Christian. Conveniently, none of them mention that abortion kills innocent, unborn human beings – a violation of the Christian commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”



The new British group attacked the 40 Days for Life campaign with the usual pro-abortion claims that pro-life volunteers harass, coerce and deceive women who are going into abortion clinics.

According to the blog:

[Christians for Choice says] a woman accessing abortion in the UK should be entitled to safe and unobstructed access. From the moment she makes her decision, every step of the way should be planned and managed as safely as any other medical procedure. To have to encounter harassment and intimidation is clearly dangerous and unacceptable. Cloaking the targeting of abortion clinics as a Christian act during a period of religious reflection is deeply wrong. The victimisation of any person accessing any other medical treatment would be publicly condemned, and so should the activity of these groups. Ultimately it is not with line with the Biblical meaning of Lent or indeed overarching Christian values

Despite what the pro-abortion group claims, the 40 Days campaign actually is well-known for its dedication to peaceful, compassionate pro-life advocacy outside of abortion clinics. Influenced by the campaign’s kind, truthful message, abortion clinic worker Abby Johnson and hundreds of others like her have quit the abortion industry, and many have joined the pro-life movement.

Since 2007, more than 11,165 unborn babies and their moms also have been spared from the pain and regret of abortion through the international pro-life campaign, according to the campaign’s website. The spring campaign begins today.

“Prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil are powerful … and needed now more than ever in our culture,” Shawn Carney, president of 40 Days, wrote Wednesday. “Moms do turn around at the last moment. For the abortion industry, that means one thing – lost income.”

He encouraged people to “serve as a peaceful sign of Christ’s hope” for women and their babies by joining one of the 273 campaign locations across the world this spring.