Meet the Pro-Life Democrat Who is Taking on Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 9, 2016   |   7:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life Democrats who are disgusted by the radical pro-abortion positions of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders now have another option – Henry Hewes.

Hewes is on the presidential primary ballot in several states, including New Hampshire, Missouri and Louisiana as well as the territory of Puerto Rico, according to Caffeinated Thoughts.

“My name is Henry Hewes and I am a Pro-Life Democrat running against Pro-Abortion radical, Hilary Clinton. I stand with John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton before he turned tail,” he says on his web site.

“I am running because life begins at conception and cries out to us for protection. Our Declaration of Independence and our very humanity compel us to be a part of this fight,” Hewes says.

“Hilary Clinton is a admitted Pro-Abortion radical. She is not deterred by the deaths of 50,000,000 innocent babies since Roe vs Wade in 1973. That is 3,500 dead babies every day; 25,000 dead babies every week ; 10,000 dead babies each month and over 1,300,000 deaths this year,” Hewes explains. “She supports partial birth abortion, she supports late term abortion of viable children, she supports abortion for sex selection and supports abortion for birth control. She is utterly untroubled by the fact that over 50% of African American babies in urban areas are being aborted.”

The little-known candidate for president said the goal of his campaign is to educate the public about the value of every person’s life. He said too many people do not realize that 3,500 babies will be killed in abortions each day or how violent and gruesome abortion is.

“I continue to believe that if you put me in a room with Hillary Clinton and twenty average people … and Hillary Clinton described honestly her position on abortion, and explained that she believes people have an absolute right to kill their babies, that this includes partial-birth abortion however grisly that is, includes third-term abortion, includes abortions because you don’t like the sex of your baby, includes abortions to avoid having retarded children in the world, and that 58 million people killed since 1973 is a small price to pay for the rights of women to control their bodies, and I then explain my side, I think the majority of the people in New Hampshire would say ‘well, I don’t really agree a hundred percent with either Henry or Hillary, but I’m sure as hell a lot closer to Henry,’” he told the conservative blog.

Leaven for the Loaf interviewed Hewes about his campaign:

A New Yorker by birth and residence, Hewes was a registered Republican until 2007 when his concerns over the Iraq War and drone warfare led him to leave the GOP. He was active for years with the Right to Life party in New York state. He has put his name forward in other races, including the mayoral race in New York City in 1989, a challenge to U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1994, and the Democratic presidential primary in 2008.

… He advocates the adoption of a personhood resolution in Congress. There was once a movement for a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution; why not return to that? “I’m fighting for a resolution because I believe that the [Constitutional] amendment cannot pass right now.  However, if the people in the House who said they were pro-life would vote pro-life, they could pass a resolution today saying ‘it is the opinion of the House that life begins at conception and that for purposes of law all federal statutes should be interpreted to mean life begins at conception and legal personhood begins at conception.’ 

Hewes called the “war on women” rhetoric that’s been trotted out by pro-abortion Hillary Clinton and others “bogus.”

“I absolutely respect the right of women to control their own body, but there are two rights to be dealt with here – the right of the baby and the right of the woman,” he said.

Hewes is realistic about his prospects. He said he believes that no matter what the outcome of the presidential election, “God’s will prevails.”