Hillary Clinton Bashes Pro-Life Measure That Bans “The Deliberate Destruction of Human Beings”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 8, 2016   |   4:17PM   |   Oklahoma City, OK

Every week, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes another statement that solidifies her radical opposition to protections for unborn babies at all stages of life.

On Monday, the Democrat’s campaign in Oklahoma criticized a ballot proposal that would amend the state constitution and protect unborn babies from the moment of conception.

The proposed ballot question would ban abortion, abortion-causing contraception and “the deliberate destruction of unborn human beings created in a laboratory,” The Oklahoman reports. Thomas Hunter, who is leading the effort to put the question on the ballot, said they need about 124,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot.

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Maya Harris, a senior adviser to the Democrat’s campaign, bashed the pro-life measure, saying Clinton “believes Oklahoma women have a constitutional right to safe, legal abortion and to contraception, and they deserve to be able to make their health care decisions without interference from government or extreme special interest groups.”

Harris continued, “Banning abortion and common forms of birth control is not only unconstitutional — it is bad for the health of Oklahoma women. This initiative petition should be challenged and, if it makes it on the ballot, rejected by Oklahomans like similar measures have been rejected by voters in other states.”

Last week, Clinton also trashed a Florida bill that would protect unborn babies, calling it “dangerous and extreme”:

The Hillary Clinton campaign is weighing in on legislation in the Florida Captiol to restrict abortion clinics, with her senior policy advisor calling the bills “dangerous and extreme.”

In a post to be published Tuesday evening on the website Medium, senior policy adviser Maya Harris will write that “Hillary Clinton opposes these measures advancing through the Florida legislature – and is the candidate with the strongest history of standing up for women’s health care and rights.”

The bills are a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, which has protected a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions for decades. One of these bills would make performing an abortion a first-degree felony. Other proposed restrictions would erect unnecessary hurdles with the purpose of closing down health clinics.

Clinton’s position on abortion is extreme and out of touch with most Americans. Hillary Clinton has pushed unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason and promised to allow full-fledged taxpayer funding of abortion, if elected.