Radical Feminists Carry Huge Plastic Statue of Vagina Through City to Protest for Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 5, 2016   |   5:40PM   |   Madrid, Spain

In a blatant attempt to mock the Catholic Church’s life-affirming teachings, a radical group of feminists marched through a Spanish city carrying rosary beads and a giant plastic vagina.

The Daily Mail reports three of the women involved in the May 1, 2014 incident now face charges of crimes against “religious sentiment” in Spain.

The radical feminists held the protest during a Spanish labor union march in 2014. The feminist group carried a 2-meter plastic vagina “in the style of the virgin Mary” on poles around the city streets and some dressed in mock-religious garb, the report states.


The report continues:

Police were called to identify the women from a video of the march, and were pictured wearing black lace face veils and carrying rosary beads, according to Europa Press.

The veils, known as mantillas, are commonly worn by devout Catholic women during religious celebrations.

Other women were seen wearing conical hoods worn by members of religious brotherhoods to celebrate Easter.

Hailed as the ‘Santísimo Coño Insumiso’, or the ‘Blessed Rebellious Vagina’, they reportedly were protesting against homophobia.

Feminist groups have routinely staged demonstration in Spain, to protest the country’s abortion laws.

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers also filed suit against the women for “provoking discrimination, hate and violence,” according to The Local.

Union representative Miguel Sevillano told the news outlet that the radical feminists had “nothing to do” with the union event.