My Son Was Saved from Abortion at Birth—Now He’s Beating Cancer

Opinion   |   Mary Guzman   |   Feb 4, 2016   |   1:01PM   |   Dallas, TX

This past October, my fourteen year-old son was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. Yet his story of deliverance begins many years ago—in fact, before he was even born.

Mary Guzman - Damien - cancer - mother son
Mary Guzman with her son Damien, during his hospital treatments  (Photo Courtesy of Author)

At the age of nineteen, I had already had an abortion. When my mom found out I was pregnant again, she took me back to the abortion clinic. But knowing the pain and risks involved, I did not want to end the developing life inside me. I wanted to keep my baby.

We went back and forth, arguing over life or death. In the end, I walked out of the facility. Even though I had no faith to speak of, in that moment I took a stand for life.

Months later, my son Damien was born on January 15—marked every year  nationwide as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I believe sharing a birthday with Dr. King was no happenstance, that it said something about his future destiny.

Eight years later, I journeyed to a gathering of many thousands on the National Mall entitled The Call DC. God encountered me there, and our lives were completely changed.

When I began to lead our local Bound4LIFE chapter in Dallas, Damien and his two siblings would go and pray for the ending of abortion along with me.

children - prayer - Silent Siege - Life Tape
Damien and his siblings wear tape with the message of LIFE and its Spanish translation, VIDA (Photo Courtesy of Author)

Fast forward to this past fall, when I received the devastating diagnosis. That day when the doctor gave us the results, my heart was in agonizing pain. Cancer? No, my son is only fourteen, I thought. He has college, marriage and children in his future.

I couldn’t even look at him. For a few moments, I looked at the wall and talked to God. I reminded God: Damien escaped abortion, and I believe You will heal him from cancer too.

I prayed, God, his birth was no accident. Like Dr. King, his destiny is linked to deliverance. I pray that, like Moses, You would deliver Damien today.

That’s the day I started to think straight again. Sure, I had believed God was a healer. But on that day it was more true than ever. Either my faith was real, or I had been living a lie. Since I knew God was true, it was time for me to act like it.

Currently on a fast track to recovery, Damien and his mom credit his progress to answered prayers (Photo Courtesy of Author)

I didn’t want to burden my son, though I know he saw me suffer the pain with him. Our community came around us, praying and fasting with me. They supported us the whole time. We were never alone.

During those weeks, I remembered the times I stood for life outside the abortion clinics. What had changed? Nothing—and everything.

I would pray the Life Band prayer over my nation with more passion than ever before; just as in my teen years, I determined to stand in the gap for my son’s life.

The enemy wants our children, and I am not backing down. Isaiah 8:18 states, “The children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders.”

Yes, my son will be a sign of the goodness of God—who knows how God will use him to bring unity and deliverance?

Damien had surgery in November and now has to go the doctor every three months for check-ups. Our journey is not over, but our testimony is: He is a good Father!

LifeNews Note: Mary Guzman is mother of three wonderful children and has been a longtime chapter leader for Bound4LIFE International—a grassroots movement to pray for the ending of abortion, carry the spirit of adoption, and believe for revival and reformation. Passionate about ministering to post-abortive women like herself, Mary enjoys writing about how God is working in people’s lives today. Reprinted with permission from Bound4LIFE.