Mississippi Bill Requires Burials for Aborted Babies After Planned Parenthood Dumps Them in Landfills

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 4, 2016   |   11:24AM   |   Jackson, MS

The Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood opened millions of Americans’ eyes to what the abortion industry often does to babies’ bodies after they are aborted.

In response to the videos, states have launched investigations and passed bills to protect aborted babies’ bodies from being sold or disposed of in inhumane ways.

Mississippi legislators are the latest to take action to ensure that babies’ bodies are treated humanely and respectfully in their state. On Monday, Missouri state Sen. Angela Burks Hill introduced a bill that would entitle miscarried, stillborn or aborted babies to proper burials and make the sale of aborted babies’ body parts illegal, according to the Jackson Free Press.

The report explains more about the Mississippi Unborn Infants Dignity Act:

Senate Bill 2115 would require funeral directors or the person who assumes responsibility of the body to file a fetal death certificate with the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the state health department. If medical providers responsible for the final disposition of the bodies do not cremate or bury the remains, they can be prosecuted and imprisoned for a year or more or pay a fine of $10,000. The bill states that “nothing in this act shall be construed to affect existing federal or state law regarding abortion.” However, medical providers who do not implement the practices set out in the bill for giving “proper burials” will be subject to losing their licenses.

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Pro-Life Mississippi supports the bill, and Tanya Britton, who serves on the organization’s board of directors, said the organization had heard of this type of legislation and believes that people who are anti-abortion see the dignity and worth of all babies.

“If you are going to afford the dignity of a human person to the child who dies following a miscarriage or who is stillborn, what is the difference between those children and those children who are aborted?” Britton asked. “There is no difference.”

The bill was referred to the Mississippi Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.

Unsurprisingly, Diane Derzis, owner of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, said she opposed the bill and claimed it is unconstitutional.

“First of all, who’s going to enforce that?” Derzis said. “What about the women and children and men in Mississippi that need attention – instead of wasting money on this kind of stuff. People should be outraged.”

The Center for Medical Progress undercover videos as well as several state investigations have revealed shocking details about how abortion clinics dispose aborted babies’ body parts.

An investigation in South Carolina that was prompted by the videos caught three abortion clinics steaming aborted babies’ bodies and then dumping them into landfills, LifeNews reported. According to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control, the three abortion clinics, along with two waste disposal companies, could pay fines ranging from $2,200 to $21,150 for violating the state disposal regulations.

“South Carolina is a compassionate state, and we are a state of laws,” pro-life Gov. Nikki Haley said at the time. “We will not tolerate law breaking of any kind, particularly as it relates to the callous treatment of human life.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine discovered a very similar situation in his state. His probe revealed that Planned Parenthood appears to be sending the bodies of aborted babies to landfills in violation of state regulations. DeWine also found that the abortion business pays to have aborted babies “steam cooked” before dumping them in landfills.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” DeWine said. “It is important the public be aware that these practices are taking place at these Ohio facilities.”

In Indiana, not long after the undercover videos were released, state legislators took swift action and passed a law to help stop the sale of aborted babies’ body parts and require proper disposal of their bodies.

After Planned Parenthood was caught potentially breaking multiple federal laws to sell the body parts of aborted babies, multiple states began investigations of the nation’s largest abortion business. Multiple state and federal investigations are on-going.