Baby Jaxon, Who Doctors Said to Abort Because He Would Die, is Now Almost 18 Months Old

National   |   Emily Derois   |   Feb 1, 2016   |   1:45PM   |   Washington, DC

It was in 2014 when little Jaxon was born, a baby whose miraculous birth continues to warm hearts and encourage families.

Jaxon Buell has a rare brain malformation called microhydranencephaly . It often can be fatal. But Jaxon is 1 1/2 years old now, and his parents continue to celebrate his life.

Because this incurable condition limits life expectancy, Jaxon’s parents were told to abort him. Instead, the Buells saw the potential that little Jaxon has and chose life. Although each day presents a new challenge, the new parents said they happily embrace their son’s life.

Jaxon’s father Brandon sees the blessings his son offers. Brandon recently told Speak Life: “Jaxon is up against severe odds, yet he still leads a meaningful life. He smiles. He communicates. He relates to us. He responds to his surroundings. Why not allow that life to happen? There’s so much potential there.”

Jaxon’s beautiful story is inspiring others, especially families of children with disabilities. And Brandon is committed to continuing Jaxon’s legacy: “Something truly remarkable is happening. It’s something that will outlive Jaxon and probably outlive us. As his father, it’s my job to protect his story, to be sure it’s told in the right way.”


As LifeNews previously reported, doctors gave Brandon and Brittany a grim picture of their son’s future: “They told us he wouldn’t hear, see, or have any senses. He wouldn’t tell us he was hungry. He may not do any of life’s normal luxuries. Early on it was very tough for us. It was tough not knowing what we were gonna get and we could lose him at any time.”

But today Jaxon is making strides doctors believed he would never make. Brandon said, “They told us he wouldn’t be able to crawl or walk or talk. But we’ll put him on his left side and he’ll roll to his right side. He gets on his hands and knees for a minute. He’s already stronger than we ever thought.”

This heartwarming tale calls everyone to reflect on what truly matters in life. As Brandon said: “When you have your entire life shifted by this incredible change, by your infant son who has enormous battles he has to face, you just don’t care anymore about the petty things—the promotion at work, rush hour traffic. None of it matters.”

Stories like this remind us of the value of all life.