After 29 Years of Killing Babies in Abortions, Scott Abortion Clinic in Toronto Will Finally Close

International   |   Emily Derois   |   Feb 1, 2016   |   10:57AM   |   Toronto, Ontario

After 29 years of abortions, the notorious Scott abortion facility in Toronto, Canada has closed. The place that long opposed peaceful pro-life protesters announced the closing on Jan. 28, 2016 on its website.

Advocates for life are rightly elated at the news; so many of them sacrificed their time in order to protect lives. Alissa Golob, a pro-life advocate who has stood outside the abortion clinic for years, rejoiced at the news.

“I’ve personally been witnessing and sidewalk counseling in front of the Scott Clinic periodically over a ten year span, and thought it would never close,” Golob said. “Despite the fact that I saw countless women being dragged in by their boyfriends, parents and sometimes even grandparents, and coming out crying and limping, it seemed that regardless of what happened there, the doors always opened the next day.”

For their efforts to save babies, many of the pro-life sidewalk counselors suffered physical and verbal threats and even arrests, Golob said.

“I even had the displeasure of meeting Maria, the abortionist’s wife and receptionist, who came out on occasion wearing a bicycle helmet (with no bicycle), yelling at myself and the other young women quietly standing with abortion-alternative information across the street,” she said.

For grandmother Linda Gibbons, a friend of Golob, this closing is especially significant. Gibbons said she was arrested “at least 10 times in front of the Scott abortion facility for breaching the 1994 injunction that prohibits pro-life demonstrations and sidewalk counseling within 500 feet of Toronto abortion facilities.”

Still Gibbons said she doesn’t want the focus to be on her arrests. Rather, she suggested that people remember “how many people lost their lives, how many Canadian little ones expired at this locations, to do honor and respect their deaths.”

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This case makes evident the impact of pro-life advocates’ tireless works: After their courageous effort to defend life, the facility is finally closed. Although it is encouraging to hear a facility that caused so much pain is shut down, there are still numerous abortion facilities spread across our nation.

“If we want to see women going through crisis pregnancies get the help and care they truly need, this news should motivate us,” Golob said. “Let’s unite to close even more businesses like this that profit from the pain and suffering from women and their children.”