Sundance Film Festival Gives Standing Ovation to Movie Promoting Third-Trimester Abortionists

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 27, 2016   |   7:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Film enthusiasts attending the Sundance Film Festival this week apparently thought third-trimester abortions are worthy of applause.

Four abortionists who do third-trimester abortions in southern states attended the festival and received a standing ovation for their appearances in the pro-abortion documentary “Trapped,” according to Breitbart.

The film focuses on abortion clinics in the South that have been affected by pro-life legislation. Filmmaker Dawn Porter said she wanted to highlight the few remaining abortion clinics in states such as Mississippi and Alabama that are “under siege” by Republicans. Porter used the film to attack abortion center regulations, which abortion activists call Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that abortion clinics are meeting basic health standards and protecting their patients’ safety.

After the film premiere at Sundance, four of the abortionists featured in the film spoke to the audience about why they do their work, the report states. One of them was Willie Parker, an outspoken abortionist who calls his work a “ministry.” He performs abortions in Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

“For me, it was a question of my humanity,” Parker said. “And as Abraham Lincoln said, when asked why he freed the slaves, he simply said, ‘As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.’ So because I would not want to have my rights taken away from me, I will not participate in the tyranny of patriarchy and stand silent.”



June Ayers, another abortionist from Alabama, told the crowd that her abortion work “feeds [her] soul.” Maryland abortionist Amy Hagstrom Miller called her work a “human rights issue,” and Alabama abortionist Dalton Johnson said he was “glad” to be “fighting the good fight” to perform abortions. After each of the abortionists spoke, the audience gave them a standing ovation, according to the report.

Here’s the full description of the documentary from the Athena film site:

A look at the impact of Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws in the southern United States, and their disproportionate effect on women living in poverty. Trapped follows the physicians, staff, and patients of abortion clinics in Alabama and Mississippi as they struggle to remain open in an increasingly hostile legal and political climate. The film follows clinic owners June Ayers, and Diane Derzis and Dr. Willie Porter, one of only a few doctors courageous enough to perform abortions in the Deep South.

“Trapped” follows in the footsteps of another pro-abortion documentary, “After Tiller,” that claimed its purpose was to “humanize” late-term abortionists. “After Tiller” profiled Warren Hern, Shelley Sella, LeRoy Carhart, and Susan Robinson, some of the last third-trimester abortionists left in the United States.

Both “Trapped” and “After Tiller” are pro-abortion propaganda film that seek to sanitize the practice of killing unborn children at any stage in the womb.