Man Forced His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend to Have an Abortion, Then Threw the Baby’s Body in a River

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 25, 2016   |   10:41AM   |   Harare, Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwe man is on trial this month for allegedly trying to shirk his responsibilities by forcing his pregnant girlfriend to have an abortion.

All Africa reports Josphat Zanaka, 40, is being accused of secretly giving his 17-year-old pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill to kill their unborn child. Zanaka allegedly told the young woman that the medication would help with her sickness during her pregnancy.

After he aborted the unborn baby, Zanaka allegedly took the baby’s body in a satchel and dumped it in the reeds by the Mucheke River, the report states. The age of the unborn child was not reported.

During the trial on Jan. 7, Prosecutor Tawonga Musina told the court Zanaka illegally obtained the abortion pills from a local hospital.

The report continues:

The matter came to light when a persistent stench engulfed the house Zanaka shared with several other families who queried the source of the stink from the girl who was always kept indoors.

The girl, who was not identified in court, is currently admitted at Masvingo provincial hospital under police guard.



She told alleged that her boyfriend had forced her to abort and went on to remove the foetus which he carried away.

Zanaka pleaded not guilty on Jan. 7, and will face another trial court on Jan. 28, according to the report.

LifeNews has reported several similar cases in America.

In 2014, a New York man was arrested after he secretly slipped his girlfriend abortion pills that killed their unborn baby. Earlier that year, a Florida man was sentenced to 14 years in prison after he tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion drug. And in 2015, a popular restaurant owner was convicted of attempted murder after he secretly caused the death of his unborn child. In each case, the men put pressure on their partners to abort their unborn babies and then took matters into their own hands when the women refused.