She Was a Pro-Abortion Columnist for Cosmo, But Something Made Her Pro-Life

National   |   Conor Beck   |   Jan 22, 2016   |   11:44AM   |   Washington, DC

It’s very common for people to believe that the issue of abortion is one to avoid discussing at all costs, since people’s minds are completely made up on it. This seems even more true if the pro-choicer in question is a decades-long writer for Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine with a very positive attitude to casual sex and abortion.

Sue Ellen Browder proves this logic wrong.

“I told a lot of lies in that magazine,” she says now. “We were making up fantasies of women that were jumping into bed, but they weren’t doing it as much as they are today. Fiction has become reality.”

In fact, not only was she fabricating stories, she herself was leading a different life than the one she was encouraging: “I had a beautiful marriage. I was home baking chocolate chip cookies … and raising children and selling this abhorrent lifestyle to young women.”

That said, writing for Cosmopolitan was her dream job, and one where she had the eyes of millions of young women. But despite her many years selling the lifestyle, even she was shocked by how far attitudes have changed.

“I began to look at all the things I had done and I thought, ‘This has wrecked the culture. You were participating in this horrible culture of death,’” she explained.

Her conversion to Catholicism and the pro-life movement came after she was exposed to the research behind abortion’s existence in the women’s rights movement, and research into the legalization of abortion. Browder points out that in Roe v. Wade, the justices cited a book by Larry Lader titled “Abortion,” a book she describes as consisting of lies and propaganda.

Browder explains:

“The pro-life women’s movement is the authentic women’s movement of the 21st century.  I’m going to give you a little background on that.  What people don’t realize is that the early feminists were pro-life; the suffragists who gave women the right to vote were pro-life.  That is the branch of the women’s movement that gave us the right to vote.  The pro-life branch of the women’s movement, what I call pro-family feminism, is the branch of the women’s movement that launched the second wave feminism in 1960 before it was hijacked by the pro-abortionists.

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We’ve talked about that, in the Chinese Room of the Mayflower Hotel on November 18, 1967 when a very small handful of people hijacked the women’s movement and inserted abortion as a right into their bill of rights.  There were only 100 people in the room that night, and only 57 people voted to insert abortion into the women’s movement.  One-third of those very fervent feminists walked out and later formed other organizations, pro-life organizations.  They walked out of the National Organization for Women over the abortion vote.  They formed pro-life women’s organizations.”

Browder hopes to show that being pro-women means being pro-life, and that “whatever harms the mother harms the baby, and whatever harms either of them harms us all.”

Though seemingly an unlikely pro-life activist, she said she hopes to breathe new ideas into the pro-life community and undercut attacks used against it.

Browder will be speaking about her pro-life conversion experience during the March for Life at noon Jan. 22, and will present for Students for Life of America’s East Coast National Conference at 3:45 p.m. Jan. 23.