Mad Scientist Claims He Did a Head Transplant on a Monkey, Plans Human Head Transplant Next

Bioethics   |   Wesley Smith   |   Jan 21, 2016   |   3:28PM   |   Washington, DC

This is so probably a hoax, but respectable media are covering it as if it isn’t, so let’s assume that a mad scientist actually did do a head transplant on a monkey. From the Telegraph story:

According to Prof Canavero, the team led by Xiaoping Ren, connected the blood supply to prove that the animal could survive without suffering brain injury.

They have not yet attempted to join the spinal cords so if the animal survived it would be completely paralysed.

“The monkey fully survived the procedure without any neurological injury of whatever kind,” says Prof Canavero, but said it was only kept alive for only 20 hours after the procedure for ethical reasons.


Connected all the blood supply to the brain, eh? If there was minimal neurological damage–again, please–it would be because they kept the head very cold.

And the cadaver body, how did it do?



This was animal abuse. Two monkeys were killed and mutilated for no beneficial human purpose other than a publicity stunt for the “doctor.”

And if he does do a human head transplant, he should be charged with murder. Taking advantage of a desperate and despairing dying man puts one in the ethical sub-basement. Note: Wesley J. Smith, J.D., is a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture and a bioethics attorney who blogs at Human Exeptionalism.