Beautiful Video Celebrates Life of 8-Week-Old Unborn Baby Who Died in a Miscarriage

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 19, 2016   |   12:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Chloe Card grew up in a pro-life home, but it wasn’t until she was an adult and began researching abortion that she felt called to actively advocate for unborn babies and their mothers.

And when the young newlywed experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage in October 2015, her passion was ignited even further.

In the midst of her grief, Card decided to create a video tribute to her miscarried baby, one that she hopes will encourage others to see the value of every human life – no matter how small.

Card shared her experience with LifeNews:

My husband, Brian, and I were married in February 2014 knowing that 3 weeks later, I’d be deployed with my Utah National Guard unit to Afghanistan. I was a broadcast journalist in the military.

In my free time, I began to come across facts about abortion and Planned Parenthood that hit me even more than they had before. I’ve always had a love for the unborn and a passion for protecting them. At a much younger age I vividly remember talking to my mother about abortion and she told me if she ever had to choose between her life or her child’s, she would choose her child’s, and that long ago I felt the exact same way. I could never comprehend how abortion was such a common occurrence, but in 2014 during this point in my life it really hit me hard.

In September, not long after Chloe began watching the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees selling aborted babies body parts, she and her husband found out they were pregnant with their first child.

It was so early, so very few people knew we were pregnant, but I found so much joy — we both did, and so did our families. I loved that baby, I sang to that baby, I held my tummy wanting my baby to feel safe and loved. As I laid in bed each night I would watch videos and read about what my baby looked like and what was happening inside of me.

But one weekend, when she was nine-and-a-half weeks pregnant, Card said she began to bleed.

I stayed home and the bleeding continued and finally around 1 A.M. on Monday morning on my way to the bathroom, I felt the birth of my baby, and sure enough was able to see him in all his perfection.

… even though we were very disappointed and sad, the most surprisingly peaceful feeling was with us as we held that tiny baby who was part of both of us. We always knew our child was a human being, but there we saw a perfect-looking human being with a head, a face, arms, legs, hands with fingers, feet with toes, and a spine in formation, and we had already heard and seen the strong heartbeat via ultrasound! We were together, we were both home, and we got to see and hold our child. We had so many tears as we comforted each other and called to let our parents know that our baby was in Heaven.

. The next morning, Brian went outside to his shop and started working on a casket for our baby as I lay on the bed. I decided to get up and go join him and take some video of the memory, as we had been doing throughout the baby’s life.

The Cards later learned that their baby likely died around 8 weeks gestation.

When their baby’s tiny, welded casket was finished, the Cards went on a hike and buried their baby in the woods. The couple named their child, who they believe was a boy, Erran – “because we knew that for whatever reason, Erran was on a Heavenly errand and was no longer physically with us because he had some work to do elsewhere.” Chloe and Brian said they cling to their faith, which gives them hope that they will see their baby again someday.

One night, I saw some beautiful tribute video of some families who shared miscarriage videos with and found myself feeling so much love for those families as I just cried and cried.



… I knew that I needed to sit and edit together my video to honor Erran and to help myself heal. I thought it also might help Brian and family members, help others to understand, help people going through the same pain, and maybe help someone see the truth about life, even at a very “early” stage of pregnancy. Human life is human life!

As she mourned the loss of her little baby, Card said she also began to think about women who choose to abort their babies – and the pain that many of them feel afterward. She said she began to think about the lies that abortion clinics tell women: that abortion won’t hurt, that their baby does not look like a baby yet or have a heartbeat.

“… but I am here to tell you that I saw for myself what an ‘early’ baby looks like. It looks like a perfect human baby, because he or she is a baby,” Card told LifeNews.

Card said she hopes her work will save other mothers and their unborn babies from the pain of abortion. Through her video, a pro-life Facebook page she began called Utah’s Fight for Life, and other volunteer efforts, Card said she hopes to inspire others help moms and babies, too.

“All lives are created by God and can leave such an impact, even if they come in tiny bodies,” Card said.