Student Gives Birth in High School Bathroom, Leaves Dead Baby for Janitor to Discover

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 18, 2016   |   5:32PM   |   Houston, TX

Last week, a janitor working at a high school in south Houston found the body of a dead recently-born baby while cleaning the women’s restroom. The janitor eventually called the police and now the medical examiner has ordered an autopsy on the baby’s body to determine if the infant was alive at the time of birth.

School officials used surveillance video to determine the identify of the mother and have confirmed she attends the high school in question. Reportedly, neither she nor her parents knew she was pregnant at the time she gave birth.

In fact, the mother of the student says the baby’s father is a 23-year-old man the student was seeing against her wishes and the student eventually left home for a period of time before returning.

“The mother said they filed a police report, but nothing came of it. We checked with Houston police and they said it is an open sexual assault investigation,” one report indicates.

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“Our primary concern after the discovery was to determine if we had a student in need of medical care,” Renea Ivy, associate superintendent of Pasadena Independent School District, said in a statement.

Ivy told TheBlaze that her heart broke for the juvenile mother, who delivered the child alone. She has since encouraged parents to use the tragedy to “talk to their children and remind them that they are not alone.”

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“When students have concerns, whether medical, social or academic, they should talk to an adult,” she said. “Students can always talk to a teacher, counselor, principal or assistant principal who will guide them to the help they need.”

A similar incident happened at a Dallas high school a couple years ago. Then, a high school student reportedly gave birth in a Dallas high school bathroom and the dead baby was found when students alerted a janitor.