“Duck Dynasty” Stars Alan and Lisa Robertson Lead Pro-Life Rally Against Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 18, 2016   |   6:54PM   |   Charlotte, NC

Members of Americans’ favorite reality show family are joining pro-lifers this week to call for an end to Roe v. Wade and restored protections for unborn babies.

On Saturday, Alan and Lisa Robertson from the hit show “Duck Dynasty” spoke to hundreds of pro-life advocates gathered for a pro-life breakfast and march in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event marked the 43rd year since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade, which, along with its companion decision, Doe v. Bolton, opened the doors to legalized abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. In the past 43 years, more than 58 million babies have been legally aborted in the U.S.

North Carolina Right to Life organized the event “to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to standing for life until unborn children are safe from the violence of abortion,” according to the pro-life group’s website.

The Robertsons are strong advocates for life, sometimes even drawing public ire for speaking about their conservative values.

Lisa Robertson specifically knows the pain and regret of abortion. When she was 16, before she married into the Robertson family, she had an abortion. As LifeNews previously reported, Lisa Robertson opened up about her abortion experience in 2014.

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She said, “There has not been — maybe a day has gone by — that I have not thought of this child. … at the time it was the answer that I sought. As I sit here today that is not the answer I would have chosen had I known better, had I been more mature in my thinking.”

She and her husband also spoke to pro-lifers during the National Right to Life Convention last summer.

In 2013, Alan’s father, Phil Robertson, shared unapologetically the truth about abortion. He said, “You can only run sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll so far. The bottom line is what came out of that movement is what you’re now witnessing. They had little innocent names; they called us ‘hippies’ and ‘flower children.’ That movement lured 60 million babies out of their mothers’ wombs. What came out of that are universities that take our children and warp their minds – the ungodliness is literally rampant. All of the diseases that go with immorality, all of that stuff came out of my generation.”

Then in a video featuring Robertson, the TV star reiterated his pro-life stance on the issue of abortion.  When discussing the ethics of, and that there’s even a debate on, the issue, he asks, “What in the world happened to us?”

“Listen, from the time you started inside your mother’s womb, Thomas Jefferson had it right, you have the God-given right to life for crying out loud. You’re this long (pointing to his finger). You’re a week old inside your mother. They suck you out of there when you’re about like that (point to finger again). You wouldn’t be here tonight!

“And, when you got to be the size of my thumb, they suck you out. You wouldn’t be here. Then, you grow a little bigger, like my fist – and finally eight, nine months later you come out.”

At the national March for Life on Friday in Washington, D.C., pro-lifers will hear from another celebrity who stands against abortion. Matt Birk, an NFL Superbowl champion with the Baltimore Ravens, once refused to meet President Barack Obama because he is pro-abortion.

The national event is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from across the country to the nation’s capital.