Catholic Leader: Why is There Violence in the World? Abortion Has Taught Us It’s Okay to Kill

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 12, 2016   |   12:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Catholic Cardinal Donald Wuerl believes the U.S. Supreme Court justices opened the doors to culturally-accepted violence when they handed down the infamous Roe v. Wade case in 1973.

Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington, D.C., told Newsmax TV on Monday that legalized abortion has led to even more “disrespect for human life” in our nation.

“One reason it strikes me, one reason why we are so casual in our country with violence, we see violence exercised with such ease, such disrespect for human life,” Wuerl said.

Wuerl said that young people who grew up after the devastating abortion decision have been “taught since they were infants, that it’s alright to kill.”

“It’s all right to kill as long as the person is inconvenient to you and fits into a certain category. This category is nine months or less,” he said. “What we have done is create a mentality that so depreciates the value of life, that all these other things follow very easily. You can’t say to someone, life only has the value you give it and expect that they’re not going to apply that principle in areas where you might differ.”

Wuerl hopes the current U.S. Supreme Court justices will be more just than their predecessors were in 1973. Under Wuerl’s leadership, the Little Sisters of the Poor are challenging the Obamacare HHS Mandate in front of the high court.

The mandate compels religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions. Without relief, the Little Sisters would face millions of dollars in IRS fines because they cannot comply with the government’s mandate that they give their employees free access to contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs.

Wuerl told the news outlet that he hopes the Supreme Court will recognize “that the right to religious freedom, the right to religious liberty is every bit as much our right as is the government’s right to impose contraceptives.”

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Earlier this week, more than 200 members of Congress filed legal briefs supporting the Little Sisters of the Poor in their case against the Obama administration, LifeNews reported.

Previously, the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily protected the Little Sisters from the mandate.  The Little Sisters then went before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver to extend that protection, but a panel of the appeals court ruled against them. Eventually the full appeals court ruled in its favor but the Obama administration appealed.

This is the second time the Sisters have been forced to ask the Supreme Court for protection from the government’s efforts to make them to provide contraceptives to their employees. The Supreme Court gave the Sisters preliminary protection in January 2014, and it will hear their case in March of this year.