Planned Parenthood CEO Dodges Questions About Bill Clinton’s Sexual History After Endorsing Hillary

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 11, 2016   |   6:28PM   |   Washington, DC

Apparently the phony war on women attacks are only valid when the subject of the attack is a pro-life advocate and not when it’s the husband of the abortion activist you just endorsed for president.

Despite the fact that Bill Clinton has been accused of, at best, having sexual relations with multiple women and at worst, potentially raping them or coercing them into having sexual relations with him, Planned Parenthood CEO refused to comment on Clinton’s sexual history. She dodged questions from reporters who asked about Bill’s sordid past before an event where the abortion company endorsed Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As Time reports:

On the day of Planned Parenthood’s official endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the women’s health organization’s president Cecile Richards declined to comment in interview with TIME on the recent attacks by Donald Trump on Bill Clinton’s sexual history.

Instead, Richards said her organization’s endorsement was intended to focus on Hillary Clinton’s record on women’s issues.

“It’s really not the focus of this event today. It’s a political campaign, I’m sure there’s going to be all kinds of mud everywhere,” Richards told TIME. “But to me, reason we’re endorsing her today—the reason why hundreds of people across this country got together—is because Hillary Clinton is a longstanding champion of women’s health and women’s rights and not just planned parenthood: equal pay, access to birth control, access to safe and legal abortion.”

“That’s what’s going on and that’s what’s important,” Richards said.

Bill Clinton’s infidelity has come to the fore in recent days as Donald Trump and other Republicans have claimed that his history damages Hillary Clinton’s claim to be a candidate for women.

Richards’ comments to TIME came hours after Trump, who is leading the Republican presidential primary, told NBC’s Meet the Press, that Clinton is “married to an abuser. A woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things.”

Bill Clinton has admitted to multiple extramarital affairs, but he has denied all accusations of sexual abuse. One woman, Juanita Broderick, has accused Bill Clinton of raping her in the late 1970s, and two women accused him of sexual assault during the 1990s.

No one should be surprised that Richards would ignore questions about Bill Clinton potentially raping women. After all, the abortion corporation frequently covers up cases of rape with abortion and refuses to report rape cases to authorities.

As LifeNews has documented multiple times, Planned Parenthood has a history of not reporting statutory rape or sexual abuse to authorities.

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have come under fire countless times over the years for not reporting cases of statutory rape to authorities as required by state law. In Arizona, officials say the abortion giant failed again to provide the proper report to authorities about a victim of a young man who is a serial rapist.

Not only did Planned Parenthood intentionally fail to report the rape but, in so doing, it allowed the rapist to rape as many as 18 or more teenage girls, authorities say, making it so the abortion company is partially responsible for victimizing them as well.