Abortion Activists Upset Pro-Life Advocates Have Adopted the Term “All Lives Matter”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 11, 2016   |   11:50AM   |   Washington, DC

Earlier this year, the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” became cultural rallying cries on social media amid concerns about discriminatory police violence against racial minorities.

Later, pro-life advocates began adopting the fitting phrase to raise awareness about another area of racial violence – abortion. Through legislation, sidewalk counseling and many other venues, pro-life advocates have been using the phrases to emphasize the value of unborn babies’ lives and the violent destruction of their lives by abortion.

African Americans and Latinos are known targets of the abortion industry. Unborn African American babies are violently aborted in disproportionately high numbers, and in New York City, more are aborted than are born. Planned Parenthood, which performs more abortions than any other group in the U.S., was founded by a racist and eugenicist; and the abortion chain routinely plants its clinics in minority neighborhoods.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who is pro-life and African American, has emphasized that the unborn should be included in the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.


But as is so often the case, abortion proponents are angry that pro-life advocates have adopted the phrase as a means to expose the violence of abortion. Journalist Emily Crockett, writing for the liberal news site Vox, said abortion activists are calling it “a finger in the eye of women of color in particular.”

She mentioned pro-life Missouri State Rep. Mike Moon, who introduced a bill in the Missouri State House that would protect unborn babies by defining personhood at the moment of conception. Moon titled his bill the “All Lives Matter Act.” Abortion advocates quickly attacked Moon’s life-affirming bill and its title, ignoring Moon’s intent to protect all unborn lives.

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“By sponsoring this bill, Rep. Moon suggests that the state of Missouri codify into law the assertion that Black women are killing their own children, are incapable of making decisions about their own bodies, and cannot control their sexual desires,” Christine Assefa wrote at the Feminist Wire. “All of these characterizations perpetuate historical, violent, and harmful stereotypes of Black women that reveal the deeply-rooted relationship between race and sexual politics.”

Pro-life sidewalk counselors also are using the phrase outside of abortion facilities to help women realize that their unborn babies are unique, living human beings. Abortion clinic escort Lauren Rankin told the news site that she has seen signs that read “Black life matters” and “Hands up, don’t abort!”

Abortion advocates called pro-lifers’ comparisons between civil rights and abortion “wildly offensive,” according to the news site.

Their outrage and offense is a deflection from the scientific fact that unborn babies are living human beings from the moment of conception. It is a fact that abortion advocates work desperately to avoid. Most abortion facilities do not use the word “baby” because the term points to the humanity of the unborn child.

“All Lives Matter” is a powerful phrase because it encompasses every group of people, including the privileged, the downtrodden, the targeted and the powerful. But, the powerful abortion movement continues to ignore the full meaning of the phrase as it perpetuates the discriminatory idea that some lives do not matter until they exit the womb.