Baby Girl Born Into Toilet of Moving Train, Falls Onto Train Tracks After Birth

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 31, 2015   |   11:13AM   |   New Delhi, India

A newborn baby girl miraculously survived an odd series of events after she was born on a moving train and fell onto the railway tracks in India.

The baby girl and her mother, Pushpa Devi, were taken to the hospital immediately after the event, where they are being treated, according to The Daily Mail.

Devi, a Nepali woman, was riding the train to an an eye checkup appointment in Uttar Pradesh, India, when she began to go into labor, the report states.

Passengers said Devi rushed to the bathroom where they could hear her screaming in pain. Several people ran to help Devi who was experiencing painful contractions and bleeding heavily, the report states.

In the chaos, Devi’s baby girl fell into the toilet and landed on the railway tracks, the report states. In India, many trains have toilet outlets that open directly to the tracks below. Devi reportedly screamed frantically for someone to stop the train; and when it did, several passengers found her newborn daughter alive on the tracks, according to the report.

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The report continues:

The infant has been dubbed the ‘miracle baby’ after it survived falling through the lavatory system and clattering on to the track.

Ms. Devi later told police that her husband had left her and that she had been forced to support herself by doing odd jobs.

Chandra Mohan Jindal,¬†divisional railway manager for Izzat Nagar division, described how the baby had landed on ‘concrete boulders’ and was lucky to be alive.

‘It is a miracle that the newborn girl, after falling on concrete boulders of the track from such a height, survived,’ he told the Times of India.

‘The GRP and fellow passengers did a commendable job by immediately rushing both the mother and the child to hospital.”

As news about the incident spread, many people in the local community wanted to see the baby and some even offered to adopt her, the Times reports.