12 Times Planned Parenthood Rushed Women to the ER After Botching Their Abortions This Year

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 31, 2015   |   7:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood likes to brandish its shiny, pink logo and repeat crafty slogans to make Americans think it is a trusted, caring health care provider, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Every year, the abortion business kills more unborn babies in abortions than any other group in the U.S. In 2014 alone, Planned Parenthood aborted 323,999 unborn babies, according to its own annual report.

In 2015, the abortion giant also appears to have injured a number of women in botched abortions. While the abortion industry claims abortions are safe and risks are rare, former abortion industry workers have admitted that abortion facilities often try to cover up their patients’ injuries.

LifeNews reported a number of medical emergency cases at Planned Parenthoods in 2015. Here are 12 of the incidents reported in the past year:

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Houston, Texas

The Planned Parenthood mega-clinic in Texas reportedly sent at least five women to the hospital after what appeared to be botched abortions in 2015.

The Houston Coalition for Life told LifeNews that between Jan. 31 and Feb. 26, pro-lifer sidewalk counselors witnessed four separate incidents when women were taken by ambulance from the abortion facility to a local hospital.

Not much is known about the condition of the four women. Operation Rescue is seeking the 911 records related to these four incidents, which may shed additional light on what happened and the dangers that exist at this Planned Parenthood facility.

In August, pro-lifers witnessed an ambulance rush a fifth woman from the Houston abortion clinic to a local hospital. Pro-life leader Christine Melchor told LifeNews.com that a woman was seen on a stretcher with an IV in progress.

Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal informed LifeNews about a disturbing Oct. 9 incident that left some people questioning whether the Columbus Planned Parenthood clinic had killed a woman in a botched abortion.

According to a 911 recording of the incident, the emergency dispatcher told a medic, “[Planned Parenthood] said that they had a girl there, bleeding and had low blood pressure.”

Pro-lifers said abortion center employees placed a sheet over the woman’s head as she was wheeled out to a waiting ambulance.

Spokane, Washington

At least three women were rushed by ambulance to the hospital from this western Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in 2015, according to Operation Rescue.

During a potentially life-threatening Sept. 16 incident, a Planned Parenthood employee called 911 and hesitated when asked by the dispatcher what happened, according to a recording of the emergency call.

“Um, uh, uterine perforation,” the Planned Parenthood caller said.

A uterine perforation can be life-threatening if there is damage to internal organs or massive internal bleeding.

The Washington state abortion facility also sent a woman to the hospital due to “abdominal pain” on Jan. 7 and “hemorrhaging” on April 15, LifeNews reported.

Ann Abor, Michigan

This Planned Parenthood reportedly attempted to hide two abortion injuries from public view in 2015.

According to a 911 call recording obtained by local pro-lifers, on March 12, a Planned Parenthood employee who identified herself as “Elisabeth” called 911 and said they had a patient who needed transported to the University of Michigan Hospital.

“And I would like to request that the ambulance come to the back of the building with no sirens, please,” she told the 911 dispatcher.

On May 9, abortion workers using sheets to hide a patient on a gurney as it emerged from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, according to a video recorded by pro-lifers.

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Bloomington, Indiana

An employee at this Planned Parenthood called 911 in July after a woman began bleeding uncontrollably, LifeNews reported. When the dispatcher asked the cause of the bleeding, the abortion clinic employee avoided a direct response, according to documents obtained by Operation Rescue.

“She was having a procedure,” the employee told the dispatcher.

The woman was later transported to the hospital.

These tragic situations are likely just a small representation of the cases when women were physically injured at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Pro-lifers with the group Operation Rescue have documented more than 30 medical emergencies at abortion clinics in 2015. According to the group, 64 percent of them occurred at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.