He Survived an Abortion and Now Preaches the Gospel to Millions of People Around the World

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 29, 2015   |   8:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Lincoln Bain almost lost his chance at life, not once but twice when both his mother and grandmother faced the temptation to abort.

Bain is an abortion survivor. In January, the Bahamas talk show host, gospel singer and minister shared his story on YouTube to teach his viewers about how every baby has a purpose in life.

“This message is for someone,” Bain said in the YouTube video. “I am the product of a failed abortion, and I am still here. Listen! … God is going to make a way. God will make a way. What ever you are going through, God will provide.”

Bain’s story began long before his own conception. When his grandmother was a young woman, she was raped by a man who offered her a ride home from work, Bain said. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she chose life for her baby girl – Bain’s mother. His grandmother gave her baby girl to her sister to raise, he said. Bain said because of his grandmother, he and his mother were given a chance to live.

Bain’s mother had a rocky life. She became pregnant at 16, and the father of her baby fled soon after he learned the news. When she became pregnant with Lincoln at age 24, she was a single mother taking care of two children. Lincoln’s father was married to another woman.

Years later, Lincoln’s mother confessed to her son that she “tried everything in the world to abort” him; but he did not die.

“The abortion failed, I was born,” Bain said. “In the end, my mother told me, she said you are alive for a purpose. She said, fulfill that purpose. She said nothing that I could have done would have stopped you, because you are here for a purpose. Fulfill it.”

Because the abortion failed, Bain said he has had the opportunity to touch people’s lives through his ministry on TV and the radio – something his mother also recognized.

“Later my mother came to me and she said she is so proud of me,” Bain said. “She got to see that same child that she was trying to get rid of before I was born ministering to millions of people.”

Bain said he hoped his story would encourage women to see the value of their unborn babies and choose life, just as his grandmother did for his mother.

“Every single soul that live on this earth is for a purpose,” Bain said. “There are no mistakes. You are not a mistake… God chose you.”