Fathers of Aborted Babies: Not a Day Goes by That I Don’t Regret the Abortion, “I Feel Like a Murderer”

National   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Dec 28, 2015   |   10:51AM   |   Washington, DC

Postabortion father Jeff Bradford:

“I hid and suppressed the realization that the only reason our oldest daughter was not alive today was due to my own cowardice. I went to my wedding, pretending to be an upright, moral young man with my bride dressed all in white. She was beautiful, and we looked great on the outside. No one could see the brokenness we were both hiding so well. We had aborted our first child just months before.

For 15 years, I was too ashamed to tell anyone what I had done, except my best friend. My wife and I never talked about it, we did not grieve together, and we hid it deep in the recesses of our minds. Our marriage began to unravel, and through extensive counseling, we realized how much of our struggle had come down to the decision to end the life of our first child. We began to deal with our shame and guilt. We realized the extent of the mental and emotional trauma it caused. There were many levels – resentment, a lack of forgiveness, feelings of abandonment – all revealed as we dealt with the reality of this decision many years earlier…

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t regret my decision. After all, any good father would jump in front of a train to save the life of his child. The life of our first daughter, Sara, should not have been any different.”

Brian E Fisher Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Frisco, Texas: Online for Life, 2013) Kindle edition



Phil McCombs, journalist for the Washington Post, and post-abortion father, wrote:

“I feel like a murderer… I was not by her side to support her. I turned my face away. My behavior was in all respects craven, immoral.  [The baby] would have inconvenienced me. I’d had my fun. He didn’t fit into my plans… His name, which I carved on my heart, was Thomas … I still grieve for little Thomas. It is an ocean of grief.”

Phil McCombs “Remembering Thomas” Washington Post, February 3, 1995

Quoted in Brian E Fisher Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Frisco, Texas: Online for Life, 2013) Kindle edition

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