Bella’s Parents Gave Her a Kiss Goodbye and Turned Off Her Life Support, Then She Came Back to Life

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 24, 2015   |   1:18PM   |   Washington, DC

Just in time for Christmas comes a story out of London that will move and touch your heart and make people thank God for the good health of their own children.

Francesca and Lee Moore-William’s baby was born with a terminal illness. Doctors said she had Mitochondrial disease and would not survive.

Just five months ago devastated Francesca, 41, and husband Lee Moore-Williams, 44, watched as their baby daughter took what they thought was her last breath. They took one last photograph, and wept as one-year-old Bella lay sedated in a hospital’s intensive care unit and her life-supporting ventilator was turned off.


But incredibly just 30 minutes later, the toddler, who doctors had given up for dead, began to improve and soon she began kicking and screaming. Just moments after they kissed little Bella goodbye and shut off her life support, the made a miraculous full recovery.

Tomorrow, after a recovery which has stunned her parents and medics, little Bella will celebrate Christmas Day at home with her family

“We were waiting for her to take her final breath,” Francesca said about her baby girl.

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Doctors believe Bella’s deficiency can now be managed with drugs and the little tot has gone home for Christmas to be with her family.

Here’s more from The Mirror:

A couple who said a final farewell to their baby daughter as her life support machine was turned off told of her miracle recovery. Francesca and Lee Moore-Williams, 41 and 44, cried as they held Bella’s hand and took one final photograph before her ventilator was switched off.

The couple even signed a Do Not Resuscitate form meaning no special measures would be taken to keep her alive.

But just 30 minutes after their heartbreaking goodbye the 18-month-old tot, who doctors had given up for dead, began kicking and screaming.

Dad-of-two Lee said: “I was holding her hand knowing there was going to be a little last breath. I could feel her hand dropping and it went down but then she started gripping my finger.

“She started moving on her own and then her machine started going off. The doctors then changed everything to try and keep her alive.”

Francesca added: “It’s just amazing. It’s like we have won the lottery. She made our family complete and it now i’s great to see how well she is doing.”