Women Defend Aborting Their Babies: “I Didn’t Think Twice About It”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 23, 2015   |   11:09AM   |   Washington, DC

It’s no secret that abortion advocates have many allies in the mainstream media. In the past year, many news outlets have published stories of women who said their abortions were good for them.

This week, the U.K. Metro followed the trend by publishing four women’s abortion stories in a video interview. Rather than present a balanced report of women’s abortion experiences, the news outlet chose four women who claimed that aborting their unborn babies helped them.

Between the lines, though, there are some indications that these women’s stories are not as positive as they make them out to be.

Shanelle, who was just 18 at the time of her abortion, admitted that she did not receive good counseling about her options as a pregnant teenager.

“I didn’t think twice about it,” Shanelle said. “I knew exactly what I wanted.”

She said her mind was set on abortion, but could better counseling have given her more hope for her life and her baby’s?

A second woman, Bree, said she wants to be a mother, but the timing wasn’t right when she got pregnant. Tearfully, she explained that she also had an abortion.

“But the regret that I felt was that I wasn’t at the right time in my life to have a child,” Bree said. “And that’s what hurt the most.”

The third woman, Melanie, was 24 when she had an abortion. She said she told a few friends and family about her decision, and they supported her decision to have an abortion.

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“Everyone that I told I told specifically because I felt that I would be supported by them, and I was,” Melanie said.

Melanie said her family and friends supported her abortion, and Bree said she wanted to be a mother, but neither woman gave any indication about whether she would have received support if she chose life for her baby. Support, whether from a partner or family, is often a key factor in a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

Alyssa, the fourth to share her story, said she was 17 and didn’t want to be a pregnant teenager. She had plans to attend college, and a baby would get in the way.

“If someone had forced me to have that child or if I didn’t have the option to have had that child, then I don’t know where my life would be,” Alyssa said. “I’m really grateful that I did have that option.”

It’s unfortunate to see such a biased report, especially when so many women who have had abortions experience profound pain and regret. Many women bravely share their painful abortion stories with the hope of sparing other women and their babies from the devastating effects of abortion.

Watch the women tell their stories here.