Feminist Comedian Mocks Pro-Lifers Over Planned Parenthood Videos: “Merry F—— Christmas A——-“

National   |   Katie Yoder   |   Dec 23, 2015   |   5:21PM   |   Washington, DC

Comedians are wishing “a——” pro-lifers a “Merry F—— Christmas” with the creation of a new parody video titled “Lies Actually.” And the video does contain lies – just not ones its producers intended.

In time for Christmas, comedian Lizz Winstead’s website, Lady Parts Justice League, produced a spoof of the film Love Actually in which a Planned Parenthood supporter visits a pro-life politician’s home on Christmas Eve to let him know that he’s an “asshole” before wishing him a “Merry F——Christmas.”

The “Lies Actually” video begins with a man, dressed as a politician, opening his front door to see a young woman posing as a Christmas caroler. She starts holding up signs one by one as he reads them.

In the background, a picture of Jesus hangs on the wall and “Silent Night” plays (a favorite song, it seems of abortion supporters this year).

During her sign-sharing, it becomes clear that the caroler is a Planned Parenthood supporter who dismisses the videos questioning Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of aborted babies. Together, the signs read:

“Just because it’s Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth), to me you are a perfect … a——. You promote those fake ass Planned Parenthood videos, incessantly screaming about ‘baby parts’ and genocide, creating a menacing army of rabid wannabe heroes, who, in the name of ‘life,’ will terrorize clinics.”

She continues by wishing him a “Merry Fucking Christmas” before flipping him off.

“You are a political Dr. Frankenstein, creating monsters you disown, claiming your mutilation mantra had nothing to do with it. No, Planned Parenthood is not selling baby parts… If they were, I would have bought you a brain. Merry F—— Christmas.”

The video didn’t stop there in its ugly mockery of pro-lifers. When the Planned Parenthood supporter runs out of signs, the politician whispers in her face, “close your legs,” before running after her in the street to also tell her, “I’m gay.”

The YouTube video description tied the video to the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, asking, “What better way to hold mainstream politicians and pundits responsible for creating domestic terrorists than a Love Actually parody?” [emphasis added]

Because, you know, laughing at pro-lifers – Christians – at Christmas and calling them “assholes” without brains because of their beliefs is progress.

As Carole Novielli wrote for Live Action, “We could pause right here to imagine the outrage from the media if this had been a video created by a pro-life comedian who went ‘caroling’ to the home of an abortion politician and then waved hate-filled messages in his face – but – let’s just move on.” [emphasis added]

“I’ve had enough of this shit,” the Planned Parenthood supporter mutters at the end. “We’ve all had enough of this shit.”

Yes, so have we. But we’ll not defame Christmas in the process.

LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.